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The Girl Who Fell To Earth

Act Three: The Exorcism
Drop In For Drinks ... And Brace Yourself!

Caprica guardedly offers the old drunk some tea, and Ellen's like, "Barf." She says "Listen, I wanted to talk to you," which as you know is Jacob's #1 Red Flag to get out of there, because no you don't. Nobody who ever said "I want to talk" wants to talk. When you want to talk, you talk. Open your mouth and let the honesty flow. When you want to manipulate somebody or establish the playing field on your terms or put them on the defensive or otherwise get the upper hand before the conversation's even started, you say: "I want to talk." Caprica's entire body goes Oh Shit, inside and out; Ellen's on a roll.

"Things between me and Saul just got so crazy! I step off that Raptor and boom, we're making love..." -- she pauses so that Caprica can flinch -- "...and less than a day later, I'm... I'm screaming at him. But we were always, always, always like that." (And what's the opposite of "always"? Not "never": just a minute, a second, a brief moment when you thought you were safe.) Caprica starts getting sick; Martha presses her advantage. ("Oh, I like your anger. I think that's what I like about you most. Your anger.") "Anyway, I just... I wanted to assure you," she says, suddenly going vulnerable. Caprica allows herself to hope, even as Ellen's catching her eye: "He didn't tell you about the sex? Oh, I'm... I come here to try to be good and..." The really sad thing is, I think she's only 75-90% lying. I don't think she really had a fucking clue why she was going there, or what she'd do when she got there. I think this is just a shitstorm brewing and an attempt to see what all the pieces look like; I also think this is a woman trying to establish a respectful bond with the parts of life that have gone on while she has been absent. Like it or not, Caprica's pregnant: how do we deal with this? With catty swipes and Mean Girl revelations, yes, but that's not the whole story and Ellen knows it won't solve anything. I firmly believe Ellen acts only with the best of intentions, but then, you know where those lead.

Ellen steps forward: "Look, don't worry." Seriously: "Because you have all the proof right there that he loves you. You know, when we were still trying to have our own, he always brought up the name Liam..." Is that kindness, a momentary reverie, or another horrible blow? A shot in the dark, hoping it will connect, I think. Hoping she's right, and Saul still loves Bill most of all. Caprica cries, looking up to God, grinning with pain. Even this is borrowed. Even this is taken from her, with a smile and a soft laugh: "Pure Cylon baby! If Simon knew, he'd want it so badly..."

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