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The Girl Who Fell To Earth

Cottle ushers them out -- "The lady and I have some work to do here now" -- and Saul cries out, desperate to change it back, to feel more strongly, to speak his love more elegantly, to hear that flatline beep again; to tear at the universe and get his son back. To find the thing he did wrong and to do that something better somehow. Caprica weeps, drowning, feeling it go; it slips from her drop by drop. And Ellen pulls him away; the strong one, again, pulling him away so Caprica's life can be saved. "Saul. She's in good hands."

Adama tosses Gaius and his idiotic plan to Lee and Laura, growling that he's off: "To the head. Do something constructive. A little project I've been working on." Gaius tries to stop him leaving, but it's Lee that steps forward, with a hand on his father's chest, and asks Gaius to explain. And all through the ship they are moving, and changing, and she's getting stronger and stranger, and there are not enough pilots to fly CAP and there are not enough Marines to keep her safe. Even Laura's listening.

"What you have right now is starving civilians with no representation, no recourse. They're broken, they're exhausted, they've had enough. That's not a mutiny, Admiral, that is a revolution." Lee scoffs a little bit and Bill tries to leave, but Gaius is on fire.

"Listen to me. Listen please, Admiral! Galactica is slipping away from you drop by drop. You are pouring Cylon blood into her veins. I see the Cylon pilots, we all see them. We all see the Cylon workforce. Where are they going, into the far recesses of the ship? When are you inviting the Centurions over to join in all the fun we're having over here? Of course, when you do that -- that very moment -- this becomes a blended ship. Only half human. And right now I am here to tell you your people... Your people are not ready for that." Word magic; he's got Laura on board as Bill tries a third time to leave, too afraid he's about to agree. Gaius grabs his arm: "Listen to me, Admiral. I am offering you the last human solution you will ever be presented with." In the end, he's saying, we're all just human. But what will that mean?

The Marines deliver guns to the cult; even Paulla's impressed. "I told you, Paulla, I told you. You do good deeds and you are rewarded..." -- he ejects a clip accidentally onto the floor and snatches it up again, ungainly -- "...You're rewarded tenfold and then... If you give, then you receive, don't you?" Jeanne's scary hazy eyes just about cross: "That was beautiful." Paulla, turned on past any line of his bullshit as she cocks her mighty BFG, can't even argue. It's beautiful indeed.

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