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Dirty Hands

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The Engine You've Built With Your Blood

Chief tries to sleep, but eventually gets up to check on the now two labor people he's gotten put in jail. Cally stares into space and acts "sleepy" some more. In the brig, Cabott is...really not doing well. Fenner says a soft hello to Chief, begging him to get Cabott out of there. His hands are raw and bloody, blood everywhere, his dirty hands covered in blood; he's murmuring, mumbling, crying, screaming. It's awful. Fenner explains that he woke up in the middle of the night to find Cabott scratching, at the walls. Scratching at them until he bled. Like Ellen, like Kara, like Sharon. He's still screaming: "Say it doesn't matter, say it doesn't matter..." Xeno Fenner explains that he was in detention on NC. "You remember. He came out squirrelly, and this not helping. Come on. You gotta get him outta here." Cabott continues to cry, and bleed, and scratch. The Cylons didn't really know what they were doing when they put us in cages; they thought they were doing their best, that they were doing the right thing. And now Laura's doing what she has to, and Bill's doing what he has to...but Cabott's hands are still covered in blood. You tell me.

Chief asks Fenner where the seals are, and Fenner's face falls, like Cally's the day she realized Boomer couldn't do anything for her: "Oh, you son of a bitch." Locked up tight. Chief begs for Fenner's help, Fenner begs for the Chief's help. They're both right. They're both wrong. Chief ignores Fenner and starts to scream at Cabott begging him to listen, begging him to tell him where the seals are. That's all it would take, and none of them can break the deadlock. "It doesn't matter, say it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter..." Fenner screams, Chief screams, Cabott bleeds. Fenner calls Chief "Galen," begging over Chief's shouts, over Cabott's. Fenner begs Chief to just look at him: at the extremity he was edging toward, before the Occupation, before the Second Exodus, before detention, and where he is now. Where Gaius says they all are. "It doesn't matter! It doesn't matter!" Cabott screams; Fenner finally -- compassion, finally -- gives in. "They're in the central stern air vent," he shouts, and Chief finally asks a Marine to confirm their release with Madame President. Fenner paces. Cabott screams; his hands bleed.

Chief's hands are dirty again, replacing the seals in the refinery. Milo begs to throw the switch, and when Chief asks how old he is, he doesn't even blink: he's twelve. "I can run every machine we've got, the only thing I haven't done is turn the whole thing on." Chief gives him the con and Milo pushes the lever, the alarms go nuts, everybody stares, the tylium keeps rolling. Chief looks at them, and thinks about how young they are; how young Milo is.

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