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The Engine You've Built With Your Blood

Chief stumbles over his declaration that he's "known people from Aerelon"; I have no doubt that he's right, but he's not thinking about people from Aerelon proper, he's thinking about people who were very good at being from Aerelon, which is different. Although I don't blame him: the only reason I remember Boomer was fake-Aerolon is because she was my favorite character and I'm an Aries, so we are like soulmates. "I don't sound like I'm from Aerelon?" No, he doesn't. Mostly because he's the only British person on the cast, I suppose, so this whole conversation makes not a shitload of sense. On the other hand, it's awesome for many reasons. Number one is that if you buy it, and you should, Gaius is even more of a Holly Golightly than you could have previously thought; secondly, Gaius is a particular kind of awesome that I am vulnerable to, being from West Texas and sounding like I'm from Sacramento (though you get a pass on the accent when you're outrageously gay, because apparently it overrides the other accents, or so I'm told by people with good intentions); thirdly, all that bitching about Callis's acting from the MKUltra episode is no longer an issue, because he does more with this short speech than he's been allowed to do in most episodes heretofore, and I always thought it was the script's fault anyway; and penultimately, because what few shots this show lacks being about hands, it more than makes up for by focusing on Gaius's mouth here, which gives the whole scene a shivery kind of magical prescience or whatever that's mesmerizing and terrifying for an unknown reason. Finally, and meta: since the last episode was about Espenson's food obsession, it's only fair that this one get a little linguistics porn in.

"Well, you know, I take that as a particular compliment. I don't know about you, but I've always found the Aerelon dialect to be particularly hard on the ears. Something about the way the consonants scrape the back of the throat. Of course, I should know an awful lot about my native tongue, I spent hours on end trying to overcome it. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a ten-year-old boy to change the way he speaks, to unlearn everything he ever learned? So that one day, there might be the small hope that he might pass as not coming from Aerelon? Maybe, I don't know...Caprica. Caprican. Oh, to be Caprican: seat of politics, culture, art, science...learning. And what was Aerelon? Just a drab, ugly rock condemned to be the food basket for the Twelve Worlds. And that's how we were: treated like servants, like laborers, like the working class. [Galen Tyrol, CPO, the Chief, Geminese; his dirty hands.] You know, you'd have fitted right in there, Chief: Lots of men who liked to work with their hands, and, uh, grab a pint down at the pub, and finish off the evening with a good old-fashioned fight. Oh yes. I left Aerelon after my eighteenth birthday. I turned my back on my family, on my heritage, all of them. Course, it doesn't matter, that. They're all dead now."

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