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The Engine You've Built With Your Blood

On Colonial One, Roslin offers the Chief another in a series of drinks; he declines. "Madame President, I've seen people drafted into service based purely on where they were born." She Friday Night Lightses that they're selected on their skills, and he points out that this is the same thing. "Capricans are more likely to be professionals, Aerelons are more likely to be farmers. It's a fact of life." So? "It's a fact I can't change," she nods. "True. But I think we can level the playing field." And before we roll our eyes, let's hear him out. This is a particular world with particular concerns, namely that the population is severely limited and the last thing they need are Colonial designations at all: I say give 'em true representative democracy and let them all be humans. "There are a lot of dirty jobs that need to be done every day in this Fleet: Cleaning, hauling, low-level maintenance, things like that. These are the kind of jobs that I think should be allocated to people who..." He's so dirty; one of the cool things about this episode is how motherfrackin' dirty he looks at this point. "Well. People like yourself. No offense." She smiles with all the Roslin she's got left, and she means it: "None taken. Go ahead," she says, like your boss's boss. "Let some of the people on Colonial One get their hands dirty for a change." Um, other than the blood of New Caprica? The thousands of detained and broken and killed? Apocalypses are relative. I've never thought it was necessary to bring Laura down in order to prove a point. That line is silly. "Done," she says. "What else?"

"People that are in dangerous and high-stress jobs need to be rotated out, for R&R. And in order to do that, we need a formal training program." Again, the Lie Of Earth. I love it. Even Roslin's like, "We can talk about a training program later, but right now, we need to focus on maintaining the workforce that we have. And this is gonna have to be area where the union gives ground." He cocks his head. "Oh, I'm sorry," she says. And you know, it's that "oh, I'm sorry" that makes me suspicious. She's learned how you play them. Not as Cain, lining them up, and not as Adama, hugging them and tearing off after them whenever they freak out. Actually play them. Actually give them exactly what they want, like Zarek and Gaius know how to do: everything they want, in the worst way possible. If I give you this, will you shut up? No? How about this?

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