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The Engine You've Built With Your Blood

Same music, lovely. She's gorgeous and strong. They all salute her. He salutes her. It's so weird to see NCOs doing this stuff because we never see it. Seelix thanks him over and over, a hundred times, and he congratulates her, calling her Ensign. "All right," shouts Starbuck, "This is all very touching, but you were supposed to be in Ready Room Four twenty minutes ago, Ensign! Which means that you are falling behind on your first day! So move it! Don't look at him. Move it! Move it!" Seelix heads out, and Starbuck grins at Chief, as the other deck hands laugh. "Be nice," he says. She snorts sweetly, indicating somehow, because she rocks, that she loves both Chief and Seelix, and that being an asshole is her favorite part of the job. And then in the foreground, there's Diana Seelix, heading off to Ready Room Four, giant smile on her face, proud and beautiful.

Next week: I'm so unspoiled that I'm making Joe R do the recaplet, but there's a shot in the preview that looks like, thanks to her going crazy, we'll get to see Kara, inside a Viper, inside her fake scary Leoben apartment, inside the Detention Center. So awesome, so awful, so possible that she'll finally break Lee for good, see you then. Boom boom boom!

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