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The Engine You've Built With Your Blood

Out in space, Racetrack is away and calling readings back to Galactica when she hears a bang, and she and Skulls both react. Things start to get effed up, and their voices climb similar ladders as they call out their exposition home. There's a fire in engine two, and they're drifting and about to blow.

It's calm on Colonial One : Tory putters around, Roslin writes a list of inalienable rights and checks off the ones she's aliened, and thinks about what she has to wear to get Bill to notice her, and what Sagittaron five-year-old she can force into tailoring it.

Out the window, Racetrack's Raptor drifts toward them, faster and faster as she gets closer. "Eject! Eject!" screams Racetrack, among a lot of other things, and I assume they do so. Her Raptor hurtles closer and closer to Laura's beautiful face.

It's calm on Colonial One : Laura looks out window, into the black. Credits.

41,400 souls in the Fleet, meaning that in addition to being stupid and sucky, Dr. Robert was also incredibly bad at being a serial killer. Bill moves Laura back into a temporary living space that's different from her usual temporary office, and tells her how lucky she was: "A dozen injuries, no fatalities." Laura's sweet and funny as she full-body shudders: "You should've seen Tory's shoulder; I had to help Cottle put it back in alignment. Ugh!" She apologizes to Bill for taking up space while they repair Colonial One , and he just smiles. "Well, if the quarters become cramped, you're always welcome in one of my beds..." Is he a virgin? What's the deal with my man Adama? They both jerk to a halt at this obvious entendre and lock eyes, smiling sexily. "...In a manner of speaking." (Okay, but how hot would it be if a guy acted like this on purpose? Oh my God it would drive you nuts. I hope he's totally doing it on purpose.) She laughs and fluffs her hair and caresses her herself and comes way closer and puts on a concerned face. "Do you have any better idea what happened to your Raptor?" These sexual tension/change-the-subject scenes are so awesome, because they're like 10% funny, 60% sexy, and the other 150% is this weird thing where it's like they've had sex and just forgot, or like you've had sex with one or the both of them, and you just want to scream at them about how easy it actually is so stop dog-paddling and take off the training wheels and whatever metaphor. Convert to representative government. Of your junk.

Of course, Bill's loving this step away from sex: "We're still investigating the situation, but it seems that the tylium was seriously contaminated with impurities. Most likely, it's a problem with the refining process." I'll say. Man! Roslin rolls her eyes and asks what the hell's going on at the tylium factory. "That refinery used to be the most reliable ship in the Fleet -- now every day, I start with a stack of messages from that Chief ... What is his name?" (Xeno Fenner, of course, just like whatever sci-fi name that crazy conspiracy lady was named in "Sacrifice.") Roslin snorts about Fenner: "Conditions, deliveries, spare parts, and compensation, if you can believe that. We're on the run for our lives, and the guy wants to talk about overtime bonuses." She takes a sip of wine and eats some delicious grapes and grunts from her shiatsu massage. Adama worries about how they've been waiting two weeks for Fenner to get his act together, and then tosses her the bouquet about how if they're waiting on labor, how the hell are they ever going to get to Earth? Roslin grins and whispers. "Is that a hint of hope I hear? Has the skeptic suddenly decided that we're on the road to Earth after all?" Bill pulls that thing he does, where he solves the equation faster than you noticed the question being asked: "Have I ever doubted it?" Um, since you made it up the first time we ever saw you, I guess not. That's adorable. Of course he believes in Earth. He only, what, supported Tigh's coup and arrest of Roslin based on the fact that he knew he was lying. Even Roslin is like, "Cute for sure, but seriously? I said I'd build a cabin, not rewrite history. We can totally knock boots without you lying about the lying lie of Earth. I've dealt with it." Not to mention how they both gave in to the fakeness of Earth when they gave the election to Baltar based on his lying about the lying about the lie of Earth, and ended up in a concentration camp. I'd switch sides too!

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