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The Engine You've Built With Your Blood

The phone rings, thank Gods, and Adama's on the line: "Chief, the foreman of the fuel refinery has just been arrested." Xeno Fenner. Cally immediately asks what happens to him; Chief of course ignores her entirely. Chief wonders -- given that Fenner is a good guy and was in the union on NC -- what he did. "Pissed off the President," Adama admits. "But the bigger problem right now is the refining operation." He orders Chief to get over there immediately with a team, and Chief hangs up and starts lacing his boots. Cally asks about Fenner: "He pissed off the President," Chief deadpans, and even though he's not kidding and doesn't know it, he's still funny. Luckily Cally's always ready for whatever most victimizes everybody: "What, you can get arrested for that now?" They wonder if Adama was kidding, and Cally asks if Chief ever thinks about the union any more. "New Caprica's gone, but the people in the union are still here. Only difference is, now they don't have anyone to stand up for them." Welcome to this entire episode, as narrated by Cally Tyrol. Chief's just like, "I gotta go."

Meanwhile, Roslin's perpetrating. Marines stab Gaius's mattress and rip it from step to stern, as he leans against the wall, bitching. "I do hope you're enjoying yourselves. It's not enough you have to interrupt my sleep and put filth in my food, now you have to destroy my stuff as well..." Mid-whine, and it's not like he doesn't have a point, Roslin steps into the anteroom. "Hello, doctor. Why don't you do yourself a favor? Hand over the pages and stop all this nonsense." He tells her he doesn't know what she's talking about; her response: "Turn him around." (Remember Pegasus!) They rip open his pillow and Roslin keeps talking, about the book. "So you've read it? The people are reading it and now you're sorry." Every conversation between them is like the first conversation between them. Dude, she's never going to be sorry. She's never going to be in your story where you're the good guy. Her quote is too high for that movie. Roslin jokingly, Cavilly, tells him they've been intercepting his pages every time he passed them to his violently hot lawyer, and that she's the only person who's read them. "...And I am dying to see how it ends." Chilling, just as she intended. I don't like this flavor of Laura, even though she's still the only person that always makes complete sense, but I really don't like how she's making me side with Gaius Frackin' Baltar. That's just so wrong. She makes fun of him for casting himself as "man of the people, the son of a farmer, a revolutionary? Oh, please." She actually says that, and it's actually awful. He tells her that his new plan is to strike a chord with the common man, which is funny because he totally had that, by virtue of being a sexy smart celebrity, until he put everybody in concentration camps. Ooops! Roslin threatens him with a cavity search, and he looks down, so she tells the "gentlemen" Marines to proceed. They strip him to his undershirt, and again: this is not the time to be finding Gaius Baltar attractive for the first time ever. Of all times. That's like three "Our Fathers" and a "Free Mumia."

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