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The Engine You've Built With Your Blood

Cabott, as they continue the tour, tries to explain conditions, how they really need the downtime. How next time it might not just be a Raptor. "This really is a big bomb, waitin' to go up." Chief's still in his sympathetic-but-unradicalized bureaucratic phase, and tells the guy to just fucking fix it. A young kid named Milo (12, Some Poor Colony) approaches, telling him it won't matter. Chief wigs about the child's age, and Cabott kind of stutters about what a great "grease jockey" they've got. (Which exact thing Chief said to Seelix this week and Cally last week, obviously, and I don't see anything less humane about child labor than putting those two MHMR cases to work, but then they're both much awesome this episode, so: Milo.) Milo won't tell Chief why it "won't work," and Chief starts to figure out what's going wrong, here, which is that the obvious thing that's happening is actually happening: random seals and stuff are missing. Milo's too tired to be gleeful as he smears it in the Chief's face: "Guess they got lost, huh?" Chief gets scared, and not in a middle-management way; in the Chief way. "Guys, you can't be fracking around with this stuff. The admiral won't stand for..." Milo notes that the Admiral can kiss his ass, and Cabott steps back in. "Come on, Chief. You know what this is about. I guess when working conditions improve, and they let Xeno out of jail, we'll be able to find those seals." Until then, of course, they just happen to be looking at a total tylium shortage, and the Fleet is going nowhere. Xeno's Paradox, yeah? Unanswerable questions, nothing moving forward.

They search the ship, as Chief explains to the Admiral, but the seals are still missing. Adama correctly calls this sabotage and wants to lock them up, but Chief thinks their concerns are legitimate. Which they would be, if this wasn't a war for all humanity; for humanity, which is still made of people. Impossible. "They could have tried something to have me injured, they could have contaminated the fuel on purpose and left all of our ships dead in the air..." Roslin wows at that one. "All they did do was buy themselves some time. Look, the machinery does need overhauling." He points out that quality control is failing not entirely out of malice, that most of the people on the refinery ship have been working since the original apocalypse, that it's tantamount to slave labor. Adama hefts his (literal, this time) glass of wine and tells him not to be absurd. "The men and women aboard that ship are stuck there. They can't leave, they can't transfer. They have no control over their lives." He's right. "And they work hard, we know that," says Laura. She's right too: "Do they think they're having a picnic at the algae processing plant? Or munitions, or waste-processing? The Fleet is filled with ships with people working under horrific conditions, and nobody's having a good time." Whoever's talking, they're right. But Laura -- in this scene mostly -- is more right. Chief suggests that they release Xeno and start talking about working and living conditions, and hopefully they'll return the seals and get some tylium happening. He's right. Laura's right too: "Extortion is not an acceptable method of protest. What are the names of the leaders?" Adama looks over at her, because she's somehow both the hardass and the guardian of humanity this week, while behaving more ickily than ever; Chief is sad. "...Just Cabott." Roslin and Adama agree to toss him in the brig, and Chief protests, and Laura cuts him off with that way she has: "-- Chief. Uh-uh. We're done."

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