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In a coffee shop named almost anything but the obvious, Doral makes a cup of coffee for Doral. They even smirk at each other! There's a fake Simon sitting in there as we pan across, multiples everywhere, to where Six and Sharon are having coffee and bonding rather quickly. "Why do you think they kept [Gaius's questionable survival] from you?" Gaius speaks up: "...Is the wrong question." Six agrees. "The right question is, why did she get me to work with you, knowing that you'd tell me the truth? She knew I had feelings for Gaius. Knew that I had trouble letting go of him." Is she lying yet? "She must've known it would trigger those feelings, those memories. She's fracking with you. Can't you see that?" "Can't you see that?" is a line we don't like, here at TWoP, because: Duh. It's the "Makes sense, doesn't it?" of personal discovery. Plus: obviously, she does. "But why?" asks Six, so apparently she doesn't. Even though she just figured it out. This is a dumbly written scene. "Oh, it's so perfectly obvious," says Gaius, not helping. "You know, for a self-aware cybernetic life form, sometimes you can be unbearably obtuse." This is an okay line because it lets Six do the Gaius thing of snapping, "Oh, for God's sake!" at somebody who's not there. "Careful," he snaps, and disappears... Biers jumps out again out of nowhere, and it's so tense when she does that, and Chip Gaius isn't helping. "Everything okay?" she fairly giggles, and there is silence and sketchiness and Biers fairly whimpers with love and worry. "Fine," says Six, somewhat brightly. "Just talking with Sharon here." Biers gives Sharon this awesome up-and-down look like a Life Coach and acts all girlfriendy with them. "Yeah? What about?" Like it's about a surprise party for one of the Dorals, just because he's been down or something. She's so fucking scary. "She asked me to move out," stutters Sharon. Biers is like, "All right! Yeah!" and pulls up a chair. "You know what? Which is what we've been asking her for weeks. I was kind of hoping that you'd see the light, after talking to our friend here." And that you'd both burst each others' blisters so I'd have a reason to take you both out, of course. She puts her chin on her fist and looks at them cutely. "She is lying, unfortunately," says Gaius. "She has no wish to see Sharon cured. They're just going to do it. They're going to box her." I know the whole matching-chips thing is pretty on the nose, and there had better be a payoff beyond the simple symmetry, but I do love how -- like Chip Six -- Gaius is acting as her conscience, her intuition, her superego, her self-doubt, all at once like this. I've said before how much I love Chip Six's ability to read people, and tell Gaius the things he doesn't want to hear. It's even cooler here, though, because they're know, robots. Six looks at Sharon, scared for her. Not yet for herself. Not even Chip Gaius can admit that yet.

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