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Underneath, the resistance fighters are still setting up the explosives. Barclay tells Anders that there are at least forty people in the café, and reminds him -- as she hands him the lit cigarette -- that he will have about three minutes after the timer clip is set. He sets it. Things start moving faster.

Six tells Biers that they've made "a breakthrough," that Sharon has in fact agreed to move out. "Didn't you, Sharon?" Sharon's like, "Um, sure. Please do not kill my mind." Biers is ecstatic: "Ooh, when?" Six and Sharon look back and forth, pushing the line of credibility so hard you can hear the twanging. Sharon: "Whenever?" Biers's face tells you all you need to know. Frack with me, bitches? I call: "What about now? I'll help! The apartment is right upstairs." There's a three-way fake-out with very shifty eyes and, like, between this and Gaius on Galactica, I'm wondering if there's such a thing as body language in the entirety of communication. Or are Sharon and Six just doing the best they can knowing full well Biers is on to them being on to her being on to them? Ouch. Sharon: "Uh, sure. Let me -- let me just get some things." She takes off, and Biers is just smooth as robot silk: "Six! Must've been some chat, huh?" Six is a little grim: "Yes, we had a lot to talk about." They follow Sharon out of the café, and Gaius appears. "She's right behind you!" Six goes "I know," in this adorable way, like, "Shut up, dude. Jeez!" Aww, I missed the cute inconvenience of Gaius and Six more than I knew -- and now, all I want is Chip Gaius all the time. James Callis is clearly having the time of his life, even on top of not having to play the tweaked-out, twitchy houseboy for five seconds. His smarmy, agog Bond impression is a little broad for me, a little too Monty Python or something, smirky, winking at the audience maybe, but it's a wonderful change of pace regardless.

Anders sets the explosives as the three women climb the stairs toward Sharon's apartment. All done, he gets ready to leave, but just then, a Centurion comes out of nowhere and lumbers around, noticing the bomb. In the stairwell, Biers even smiles cutely to herself. If you'd like to see D'Anna Biers acting like this on a daily basis, and I cannot stress this enough, there's a daytime show called Starting Over that you just might appreciate. Anders hides behind a car as the ladies climb the longest set of stairs in the history of...well, it's five floors in under three minutes, though, so I guess it's just the editing that makes this seem crazy. As Anders takes aim at the bullet head, Sharon reaches into her jacket. It's only a split-second edit, but I like to think she was going for a gun, not a key. That's the Sharon I know. Anders opens fire on the Centurion, and then starts to run, but just then, the bomb goes off, sending Centurion parts and most of the entire building flying right at the camera in a ball of fire. Commercial.

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