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Six Of One...

Dead but still tangible proof: the body of Hera, Six and Baltar's imaginary child. Sharon weeps, holding onto Helo's hand for dear life, her knuckles white: "I don't understand. She was doing so well!" Cottle is even grumpier when he's lying: "No, she wasn't. I tried to tell you that. Her lungs never fully developed. She finally went into respiratory distress. We couldn't get her intubated in time. We lost her. I'm sorry." Sharon weeps, protesting that she should have been there, and reaching into the incubator to touch Hera. Helo tries to get her somewhat together, pointing out that she's lost a lot of blood, but there's no calming Mommy Sharon. "You murdered her," she grits at Cottle, her face twisted with rage. Helo tries to chill her out, but no dice. Sharon: "Who ordered it? Adama? The President? Who?" Cottle bravely leans down, to comfort her: "I don't kill patients. We did the best we could, but she's dead." Helo watches, swallowing it all. "And that's all there is to it," Cottle concludes. He stands and looks at Helo. "I should be able to release the ashes to you in a few hours," he says, and Sharon goes apeshit: "Murderer," she groans, and stands, taking Cottle by the throat. So scary! "Die!" Sharon is pulled off Cottle immediately, screaming, "You're all murderers! You're all murderers!," as Cottle, still coughing, asks the Marines politely to escort Sharon back to the brig. Helo watches. Sharon screams, on her way out, "Give me my baby!" and it's heartbreaking in the chaos. Helo and Cottle just look at each other, grieving their way.

A Raptor floats toward the Fleet perimeter. Helo and Tyrol open the bay door, wearing pilot suits, lights illuminated. Helo lifts the tiny box, and Chief watches his face as the ashes drift out into space.

Baltar enters his lab and wheels the hatch closed, staring around, gone mental. Six is waiting for him, sitting on a stool. He can't meet her eyes. She looks terribly sad, and lonely, and broken. "You let them murder our child," she says, simply. He begins to cry, and drops to his knees before her, taking her hands: "I am so sorry. I tried. I tried my best." I believe it, even though we didn't get to see it, really. Six: "God's will was that our child should survive." Baltar can't even handle life right now, tears in his eyes. He can't even look at Six. "His will was that she would lead the next generation of God's children," she adds. She stands, and lifts Baltar by the shoulders, shaking him: "His will was that you would protect her." He agrees; he knows it. Six throws him against the wall, snakes herself up against his back, and hisses the following into his lovely ear with her teeth bared, in a really kind of amazingly frightening way: "You have committed a monstrous and unforgivable sin and now you and your entire wretched race are going to suffer God's vengeance." Her grief shows through the rage, but that somehow makes it even more troubling. And she's gone, trailing into an angry whisper, and he stands alone, terrified, tears running down his cheeks. Man. Six or Gaius, either way it makes you glad Demeter didn't have access to nuclear armaments, you know?

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