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More crashing signals the continuing arrival of their "help." Six tells Anders to get out while he can, but Anders is confused, to put it mildly. I forgot to mention the vanity plate! On one of the cars, there's a surreal vanity plate behind Anders that says, "SEXYMOM!" It's just a production thing, not even a joke probably, but it's funny because it could really relate to any of the three ladies at this point, according to your math and degree and life-coach transference. "Is this some kind of trick?" Anders asks. Six hands him the dog tags: "You can stay and be tortured if you want. Your call." He's awestruck: "Who are you? What kind of people are you?" Six almost shrugs: "I don't know." Anders holds the dog tags in his fist, a tiny salute to them, and turns to leave. Sharon gets in on the act: "Hey, wait!" she yells, and tosses him his gun. So I guess Anders is Gina now? That's so cool and interesting!

"How long till she downloads and tells them what happened?" asks Sharon, crouching near Biers's body. "We had a lot of people in the café," Six thinks. "At least thirty-six hours till they get to her." She looks piercingly at Sharon: "Long enough." "Long enough for what?" Sharon tighs. "To change things for the better," says Six. Sharon's not sure she gets it. Six turns to look at Gaius, both of them beautiful. "I have never loved anyone more in my life than I love you now," Gaius murmurs, and Six smiles. Finally. You can see her heart knitting itself back together -- he doesn't mean it the way the Chips normally mean it. She's talking to herself. It's big love. The difference between these seemingly disparate loves, between love of herself-as-Chip Gaius and love of Chip Gaius himself and love of God, is thin as a reed. To both Gaius and Sharon, Six speaks: "Our people need a new beginning. A new way to live in God's love." There are tears is Gaius's eyes, in hers. "Without hate," she stresses to Sharon. "Without all the lies." Now Sharon's crying too, the momentousness of this event not escaping anybody. This is what a good apocalypse looks like: three people in a garage, crying with the largeness of their purpose. "All they need is for someone to show them the way. Someone like two heroes of the Cylons." What did I tell you? Six will always start a paramilitary movement once she gets bored. It's just in her nature. "I'm with you," sobs Sharon, and they clasp each other's arms, handshake squared, smiling and crying. The rescue crew -- above them, in the brightness of the real world, outside the broken hell of their harrowing, the mess of the end of the war -- breaks through, light streaming down. How many times can you be reborn? Well, how many does it take? Doral calls out, smiling down on them, "We found them! They're alive!" Bathed in light, Sharon smiles. "Yes, we are." She and Six smile at each other again. "We're alive," breathes Six, so full of hope, and pride. The answer to the question at the end of the Armistice, at the beginning of the story and this war: they're alive. So are we all.

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