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Now, on "present day Cylon-occupied Caprica," Six is on a bench watching some Centurions planting a tree. I tried to work out all the time stuff so that this would all make sense -- that the action at the end of the episode was mark, and the nine months and ten weeks counted back from that and not necessarily from our main storyline, but that doesn't work either. So who knows. Also, where are they? Wouldn't this be Delphi, like Kara's apartment? Caprica City was encrapulated. Imaginary Gaius sits beside Six, pissing all over every happy thought she can muster, as Cylons walk around, dressed identically, Boomers in jackets and Leobens in rust and Dorals in emerald. Lest it distract you for the rest of the episode, I'll tell you right now that it's no use wondering how they can tell each other apart, because even asking the question makes you a total racist. "I was thinking it symbolized rebirth, a new beginning," Six smiles at Baltar lovingly, laying her head down along an arm. He turns, whip-quick, angry as hell: "It's a memorial. Do you know how many people died in this park during the attack?" Six just plays with his hair, sleepy with the pleasure of being with him, here. "How many people in this park alone?" he presses.

Biers leans in over Six's sideways head, causing Six and Baltar both to jerk upright, hilariously. "It's gonna be lovely, isn't it? A place to relax and collect your thoughts. How are you doing?" Pay close attention to the emergent structures behind everything Biers says, ever: the Starship Troopers stuff in her Patriotic Handjob Video was not a mistake. She's just said: "The future of Cylontology is quite rosy. I hope you're not going crazy yet, given that this place holds tons of meaning and guilt for you. Is it making you nuts, by any chance?" Six admits that she's "a little stiff," and Biers considers her probingly. Six extemporizes that she's having trouble learning to control the new body: "Even after all this time, I still feel awkward." Nine months is a long time, Blondie, is the message: "I was a klutz, too. Always knocking things over. Forever tripping over things." Biers sits with Six, all casual and friendly, flipping her hair like they're just girlfriends. "And you know what? You get over it." Or else. The three of them, Gaius now on Biers's other side, all cross their legs at the knee at the exact same time, in the exact same direction. It's adorable. I miss when Chip Six got to have fun like this. Ever since Gina, she's been way hardcore. Biers goes on: "And you know what, this is a great chance to cleanse. You got a new body, a new life. And anything that you've built up, like anxieties or remorse or guilt, just let it wash away." Or else. By "opportunity," she means "necessity on pain of death." Six responds to the extrinsic comfort: "I can't tell you how thankful I am. You've been a really big help to me." But Biers pshaws: "No, it's me who's thankful. We all are. You are a war hero!" So act like it! Oh, did that bother you? Six's face falls, slightly. "We could not have won without you," Biers insists. A Doral approaches, as if on cue, to tell Six what an honor it is to have her back with them on Caprica: "What you did...well, it's inspiring." She thanks him, he smiles and turns away, and she is pensive and anxious. "Go me," she thinks.

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