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In the Galactica sick bay, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that there is Cottle, there is Helo, and that Boomer's finally having her baby. The bad news is that the baby's finally arriving, way ahead of schedule, for an emergency C-section, with a detached placenta; also, Boomer is tachycardic and hemorrhaging. And Boomer's finally having her baby. Helo comforts her, caressing her hair and answering questions, as Cottle works efficiently and bitches magnificently: "I find it absolutely amazing. You people went to all the trouble to appear human and didn't upgrade the plumbing." Boomer calls out to Helo as she goes under, and in the steel reflection of something nearby, we see Cottle making the first cut.

Six and Biers -- the latter wearing a great scarf -- walk and talk as Boomers and Sixes and Dorals stare and grin and act all starstruck. This kind of thing weirds Six right out. "Well, you're a hero of the Cylon now," says Biers. "You're our first celebrity!" Six protests that she's just another Six, but Biers thinks she's being too modest: "I'm just another Three. And these are Fives [Doral] and Eights [indicating a Sharon]. But you, everyone calls you Caprica Six [heh] -- like you're the only Six on the planet!" She says this in a doofy, just-folks way, like it's a joke that the two of them share. She adds, "What you did was incredibly difficult. Seduce a man so emotionally and physically that he grants you access to all the most closely guarded secrets of his people." Six goes all "Aw, shucks," but she doesn't see the trap yet. "That mission could be profoundly disturbing," Biers comments. Wouldn't it? Aren't you feeling a little nutty? Wouldn't you like to rest in some cold storage forever? Gaius joins in: "'Disturbing'? Sleeping with me and killing billions of people?" Six sighs, navigating the intrusion, smiling at it. "Because I rather thought you enjoyed sleeping with me," Baltar adds.

Six equivocates with Biers: "It was...difficult at times." Biers shakes her head, so concerned: "So nobody here can possibly understand what you've been through. Which is why we need your help. There's another Cylon who's been having trouble re-integrating after a download. Another hero, actually." She's not hugely happy about any of this, is Biers -- the translation: you've become something strange and new, flawed. An unknown quantity, known by everybody. And there are two of you. She goes on: "An Eight. She still insists on calling herself 'Sharon.'" Which, there's easy wank for this -- namely that they were trying to chill her out -- but "Sharon" is what they called her when she downloaded. Six shakes her head: "And you thought I could help." Oh, hell. "I'm still having..." Gaius shakes his head wonderfully, the "Oh girl, no!" of this. Yeah, he nods, yeah, that's a bad idea. "I'm having problems of my own," Six concludes. Biers calls her "Caprica," and protests, "You don't understand. She really needs your help." Gaius pivots on one heel, looking from Biers to Six, hilarious, like he's at a tennis match. Biers: "If we don't turn her around soon, there's talk of boxing her." I'm going to box her once we figure how out bad it is in there. "Putting her memories in cold storage?" Six asks, disgusted. "You can't be serious." Gaius gets smarmy, nastiness underneath the smile: "Well, that's a charming way to deal with emotional problems. One might almost call it inhuman. Oh, that's right, you are." With the sweetest smile. Six bares her teeth at him behind Biers: "Fucking quit, dude." Biers admits -- and we're viewing them now through binoculars on the rooftop -- that it's a last resort, but that Sharon's getting way too weird, regressing. Biers asks again, pointing to an apartment -- coincidence? -- on the fifth floor: "It's the one she had when she thought she was human." Biers leaves, Six reluctantly turns to visit Sharon through the binoculars, which pan up to the few Centurions posted around.

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