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We move across the beach side of Gaius's old house, cutting fast across Six's memories of their time in it together. "This house was on a bluff over a lake. I always loved the view. Sunlight on the water." She smiles. "It's my favorite spot in the universe." Gaius, now being bitchy on the stair: "Yeah, it's magical. Too bad you nuked it." She looks at him, a little angry, a little defensive about the fact that she helped to destroy something she loved, but isn't allowed to mourn it. "After I downloaded, I went back to the ruins of his house," she admits. And Sharon wonders why, because they're still sniffing each other. Six: "Like you, I was looking for some sort of connection to him." She pulls a picture of Chief off the mantle, touches his face. "Found a few of his things. Even held onto them for awhile. But..." -- she hands the photo to Sharon -- "I realized they were keeping me from truly embracing my new life." She tells Sharon she burned the stuff, and Sharon looks away, impressed and appalled. Afraid of such a step. "But I felt liberated," Six assures her. Gaius now pours himself a fucking martini, awesomely. "Yeah, it's a beautiful story, isn't it? Shame it's all a pack of lies." Six looks at him, so guilty and sad and loving; she reaches out, and he's gone. "So who was he?" Sharon asks. "This man you loved." Six smiles, shakes it off, and gives in to pride. "Maybe you've heard of him. Gaius Baltar?" Sharon's aghast, impressed, and Six smiles, so proud of her boy. "He gave you access to the Colonial defense grid. He was the one who betrayed us?" I love how even Sharon is caught in the web of Baltar millionaire-playboy mystique. She can barely believe it. "'Us,'" snorts Gaius. "Oh, I love it." He raises a drink to Sharon. "This one thinks she's more human than Cylon." He looks right at Six. "Just like someone else I know." Sharon asks whether Baltar still works for the Cylons, and Six takes longer to click in this time: "What?" Sharon explains: "On Galactica?" It's like a punch to the gut, this. Tears spring up in Six's eyes: "He's alive?" Sharon's like, "Um, he's the vice president?" Six shakes, close up on her eyes. Who's feigning now? You can almost hear her heart, the story, the episode go: click. Biers is in for a world of shit. Six should be eating an apple.

Roslin taps her fingers on the desk in Adama's quarters, rolling back and forth like a piano player. "If her baby does survive, the question is: what do we do with it?" Gaius, looking surprisingly nuts after all that hot smooth action, bugs out: "'Do'? What are you suggesting? That we throw it out of an airlock?" Roslin says, hilariously, darkly, all in on long sentence as she does, without even sparing a glance for his squirrelly ass: "I don't make suggestions, Mr. Baltar, if I want to toss a baby out an airlock, I'd say so." Gaius -- not tipping his hand at all, is he? -- bugs out some more: "Well, it's really gratifying to know that infanticide's not on the table." Tigh: "Do I have to point out" -- no, but you're going to, like always -- "that this is not a baby? It's a machine." Gaius snaps, "No, it's half machine, half human. I suggest we all keep that half in mind." Proud papa. Thought on this, while we watch Gaius ramp up and up toward the hysteria he calls home: if Chip Six is mostly him, then all this "our baby" crap is really just him, right? His gift to humanity, for what was lost? His redemption? His last hope, as the straddler? And not to stretch the metaphor to snapping, but remember what happened when Demeter (Gaia) lost her daughter? Who holds the keys to life as we know it, still? Demented and arbitrary: who's in charge here?

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