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"Cylons went through a great deal of trouble to create this thing," gruffs Adama. "Should go without saying that if it's good for them, it's gonna be bad for us." Roslin completely agrees -- and it's worth noting that my "political time bomb/Bartlet's MS" wank was never on the table, per the podcast -- and "takes it as a given" that they can't let Sharon raise her either. "That would be disastrous," for some reason. Not even Mary McDonnell can sell that line, because it's so open-ended, but I think Roslin's ambiguous relationship with Hera, hating and depending on the child even as she's way crossing lines about human babies, might be key to the show for the foreseeable future. Close-up on Tigh as Adama considers yet more factors: "There's [sic] Cylons aboard this fleet. If they find out this thing's been born, they're gonna make a play for it." Gaius watches, and Six slides out from behind him, sudden and sinister. "You can see where this is headed, Gaius. We're going to have to take our child." This line of dialogue, much like a whole storyline where the Fleet reporter D'Anna Biers was going to try and kidnap the kid, is pretty much abandoned at this point. (Which I consider a favor less to the fans and more to me personally, because think about this recap: "Then Biers, but not the one from the other scene, tells Sharon, but not the one from the other scene and not the one that died and not the pregnant one and not the one that was at the rebirth ceremony but this other one ...")

In the NICU, Sharon reaches into the incubator, tears in her eyes, smiling. "Hello, Hera." She gasps as the baby wraps her hand around a finger. "She's got quite a grip on her." She smiles at Helo, and they are at peace. "You don't like it in there, do you Hera?" He giggles at the baby. "You've got to stay in, until your lungs get stronger." Sharon's astounded, not just a new mother but the first one ever: "She's our little girl. We made her." The wonder in that. Parents do get ridiculous like this, every day, but it doesn't make it less awesome or less real. "It almost makes you want to believe in the Cylon God," says Helo, caught up in the moment. Sharon looks at him like, "So we can raise her Catholic?" And he smiles: "Almost." Sharon laughs, tired, in love, and buries her head in Helo's neck: "I love you so completely." He closes his eyes, and it is beautiful.

In the garage beneath the coffee shop complex where Sharon lives on Caprica, Anders and his compatriots burn their way out of the sewer and recon the area, and then proceed to set the bomb.

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