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Can't Stop The Signal

Adar gets very professional very damn fast: "This doesn't have to be the end of the world. You can stay on in an advisory capacity. Gods know we need your ideas." She lags a bit on the whole "I just got canned" concept, but he explains that it's no longer just about the two of them -- and then the hardcore Roslin that we're used to shows up in force. "You're right, it's not. You were willing to attack those people, and up until a few hours ago, I was prepared to let you. I am on my way to the Galactica to represent this administration. When I return, if you still want my job, be prepared to fight." Big day, yeah? Back on Galactica, Cottle asks an aide to call Adama, and gets very sad. My stomach flip-flops a little less this time.

Adama comes over the Galactica loudspeaker, and we move from area to area. "As you know," he begins, and we cut to Tigh, looking pretty sad, "President Roslin has been aboard Galactica for the last few days." Cut to Lee, in the hangar, looking pretty sad. They were close once. "She's a fighter. But as of this moment, her prognosis is grave." Chief and Cally. This is like the opposite of the scene at the end of "Final Cut," only not cheesy, and lacking the awesome Geena Davis punchline, because there is no punchline: she dies. "I know that many of you believe in the power of prayer," Adama continues, and we cut to green-eyed beauty Dualla, "…if that is your way, then I urge you to pray for our President." Cut to Laura, dying in sickbay, and then to Adama, doing his best to keep it together. "As for the others, I hope you will join me in keeping her in our thoughts." I love that Adama's like, "Pray. Unless you don't believe in the Gods. Then just, you know, good vibes." What's it like to live in a country where the government doesn't legislate its temporary religious values?

Whoops, spoke too soon. There's been this song playing the whole time, a sad and sweet song, not intrusive but good as usual, that plays over the next scene as well, which is a nice nod to those of us who actually don't like seeing Boomer violated in every single episode, equating her current situation with that of Laura, putting them both on a level of sorts. Boomer's lying in her cell, and hears the guards entering. Knowing what they've come for, she flips out and immediately starts knocking them down with a chair. Adama watches as they wrestle her down and sedate her, and she keeps kicking, fighting like to the point of drooling. It's awful, and even Adama finds it pretty hard to watch.

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