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Laura looks over at Sharon, both of them formidable women, both of them at the mercy for the moment of the dangerously messed-up Vice President, and there's a lot to unpack in this brief second. For reasons of my upbringing, I ping Goddess stuff the way most of my friends notice Christian imagery, which is to say, without thinking twice about it, so I'll tell you what I had going on in this second. You've got three people: an older woman, a young mother, and a daughter, okay, and they all share the same miraculous blood? That's not an accident, that's most of human religious history. I'll be very surprised if we don't see this particular trinity a few more times before all is said and done; I'm guessing Pythia wrote a truckload of stuff about these three. And let's not even get started on Starbuck -- there's a lot of Artemis stuff going on there and I was pretty much assuming she'd at least be present for Boomer's delivery, but this kind of confirms it for me. For such a masculine kind of show, they sure do get their Goddesses right, which is more than fucking Buffy could ever bother to do.

Laura turns from looking over at Boomer, who's still totally out of it, and rolls her head back toward Gaius, who's holding her head and touching her hair. Her eyes turn up and the music goes sour as she sees him, and her eyes get cloudy with fear and confusion. She knows, and I'm not sure that she knows she knows, if you know what I mean, but she's freaked nonetheless. Imagine instead of Auntie Em and the farm hands, you woke up and saw Michael Myers. "Dr. Baltar?" she mumbles, and he tells her how good it is to see her. I imagine he's relieved: beyond the difficulty of the actual job, being President might actually force him to pick a side. She raises a hand and points toward him, sick and scared, and he pats her hand stupidly. Or cannily. "No, no, don't -- don't move." Baltar looks over at the very freaked Billy to help her, and tells her again not to move. If this were Adama, you'd know that he knew everything that was going on in her head, that's the kind of guy he is, maybe that's the point of him, his intuition, but Gaius…not so much. It's not clear, to me, that he's even on page one this time. He's still in "beacon of hope" mode, not "I'll call my lawyer" mode. Neither of which is that great, which is why the only people that will date him are imaginary robots.

Forty-eight hours later, Adama's asking Doc Cottle about her state in a very restrained, scared way. He won't even look up until Cottle starts talking. "I've never seen anything like it. It'll be a while before she's a hundred percent, but...her scans are clear. Cancer's gone." Adama asks if he's sure, and Cottle gets a little sassy with him: "It's gone." Roslin calls to him, and he attempts small talk about how she seems better. "Much. Are you still holding the spokesman from the new faction in the brig?" Even Roslin, back from the brink of death, is like, "Are there any plot threads hanging at this point, or can we just get straight to the terrorist cell in the Fleet storyline?" She asks to be taken to Jahee, and Adama proudly complies. That's my girl.

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