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Billy wheels the President into the brig, outside Jahee's cell. He stands to welcome her, quite friendly as usual, which means he's going to freak out in a second. Or maybe he heard about the Education Alliance deal, although I doubt it, since all of those people were consumed a few hours later by a nuclear blast. "Mr. Jahee, isn't it? I thought it was time we met." She asks the guards to open his door. Her voice is so weak, but she's still so scary! I would not want to be this particular nutjob right now. She could airlock him with the powers of her mind, dude. I'd rather get strangled by Adama than have to look her in the eye. There's a very subtle parallel here about how, since the movement is civilian and has infiltrated the military, she's responsible to Adama for the violence -- her constituency has changed from the teachers to the civilians, but she has to answer for them in the exact same way, even down to how Adama is in charge of the military troops that will commence Rumsfelding these people in one second if he decides that's what should happen.

She enters the cell. "All these people want is to be heard. A member of your group nearly destroyed our Tylium refinery. Before we can even begin to talk I need your personal assurance that there will be no more attacks." He starts up that "I have no direct contact" bullshit again, and she cuts him dead: "Genuine negotiations require trust. Do not lie to me." There's a moment of struggle, in the eyes, but come on: she wins. She's Laura Roslin. "I'll talk to my people. Make them understand." She smiles, that same warm, gorgeous smile as ever. "Excellent. And I'll listen. Maybe even act. But if you renege, I'll insist the Admiral hunt you and your friends down, without mercy." Even the Glare is nothing to her intensity right here, Adama standing behind her with a giant sign over his head that blinks, "Renege, motherfucker."

Baltar's in his lab with Six, who notes his air of content, and he names his successes for the day: "Sharon's child is safe. Adama and Roslin have agreed that more study is required before any drastic measures are taken." He actually lights a cigar. I like how he's still calling it Sharon's baby -- not even Genius Baltar can do the crazy Six Baby Math. "Yes," she Ellen MacTighs, "But by saving Roslin, you've denied yourself your rightful place of leadership. There are many aspects of you, Gaius, I will never understand." He smiles. "You wouldn't." He then takes it what you might call A Step Too Far: "Neither, would I suspect, your corporeal counterpart." Six makes this great face, like, Oh, her. "Do you love her?" You know exactly how she asks this, how brittle and coiled Six can be, gathering herself for the answer, putting a wall around it. He ignores her and pulls out the letter from Roslin. My girl Anna always says, "Don't read the diary unless you want to get hurt."

He giggles and they are happy, opening it, like a golden ticket to the Wonka factory. He literally bounces up and down in his chair, and even Six is like, "Twee it down a notch, mister." She begins to read. "President Baltar. I offer my sincere congratulations --" Baltar whispers a funny Oscar-practice "Thank you, thank you." She continues: "I say that knowing we've had our differences, and that you take office despite my many reservations." Six is so awesome! She totally grins, this incredibly you are about to get so served grin, and moseys away with the letter, coming to rest standing near the prenominate nuclear device. "You may be the most brilliant person I've ever met, but your intelligence is unleavened by compassion." He starts to get really sad, because that's what guys like this are like: "How can you be so mean? I know I caused the downfall of humanity, talked a woman into nearly killing herself, tortured a man nearly to death to get her to answer a question I admitted to knowing she couldn't answer, and sell you out on a weekly basis, but don't you remember the hexagons? All those other things were months ago, but I did a really nice thing just now! Where is my cookie?"

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