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Can't Stop The Signal

Adama comes into sickbay to check on Roslin, giving Cottle license to engage in both character development -- he offered her "morpha" for the pain, but of course she wasn't having that -- and some echoey flashback talking. There's another shot of Laura's undiscovered Baltar memory in the square, and we come on Roslin having a fight with President Adar in his office, dominated by the giant presidential seal behind him. President Adar is played awesomely here by Colm Feore, who rocks, and whom you might remember as Marcus Andronicus in the Julie Taymor Titus, or as Karl Gunderson in The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, which of course also starred Aaron Douglas, our beloved Chief. He's skinny and good-looking along the same lines as Nathaniel Fisher. She's asking him to at least "speak with the strikers before sending in the troops." They're "teachers," she says, "not terrorists." He counters that their last action involved sending two cops to the hospital, and that they are crazy. She explains why they're crazy, and it's the usual stuff about which unions were created long ago, substandard pay and conditions, et cetera. He says coolly, staring at his desk, "One of the most interesting things about being president is that you don't have to explain yourself," and looks up at her. "To anyone." She smiles, and he gets all het up: "You've already set a meeting with Stans, haven't you?" She looks away grinning, and there's a tiny smile on his face. "Obviously," she says adorably, "only if you approve, Mr. President." There's a sexiness to her smile here that belies what's coming up in the story.

Roslin arises out of the memory to Vice President Gaius Baltar talking about how she's unfit right now to do anything. She asks politely that they not talk about her as though she's not there, and smiles sickly. She doesn't open her eyes at all. She coughs once, gets it together, and has Billy jack her bed upright so she can look Gaius and Adama in the eyes. "Gentlemen, I called you here to discuss the Cylon." Doc Cottle explains that the Cybrid's genetic profile is showing some abnormalities. First of all, duh. When Adama asks why Gaius, the supposed genetics expert, hasn't mentioned this -- and again, duh -- Gaius extemporizes that there's nothing "conclusive." Which earns him the patented Cottle Look: "Didn't say conclusive, just damned odd." As grouchy as Cottle is all day long, it's fairly hilarious how vehemently he still has time to hate Gaius. Like, even though he's grouchy as possible today, because he loves Laura just like everybody else, he's still going to dig a little deeper so he can hate Gaius that much more.

Gaius leans in to whisper conspiratorially to Laura: "As you know, the Sharon Cylon is of considerable tactical value to the fleet." Without taking her eyes off him, or blinking, or showing any weakness whatsoever -- a rough trick from your deathbed, for sure -- she informs him of the possibility that he's gotten a little too close to his subject. Which is funny, because she's wrong -- he couldn't care less about Boomer -- but more right than she knows -- because he's totally on the Bad Guys' side. Cut to Adama glaring meaningfully. She addresses Adama, noting that it's a difficult issue so she should just cut through it: "Allowing this thing to be born could have frightening consequences." Gaius starts looking freaked as she continues, taking both him and Cottle into the conversation: "For the security of this fleet, I believe the Cylon pregnancy must be terminated before it is too late." I'd like to point out that the "cut through it" phrase is something that she picked up from Cain, and has used several times since -- you can go ahead and fill in the blanks thereafter. Adama gives a token resist, and she looks at him meaningfully: "I thought you of all people would understand, Admiral."

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