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She leads him down the hall as he continues to ask for it: "What is this? Lingering controversy over my affair with your three-dimensional duplicate?" People are starting to stare at his crazy ass as Six -- bored already -- explains that she's not jealous, but concerned. Specifically about "our child," which is the math of which I am not capable, but Six has always been able to do in her head. And Gaius's, of course. She explains that while Gaius is right, that the President wants to kill the baby, what he hasn't figured out yet is that he's more than capable of saving the Cybrid once she dies. Because he'll be President, duh, which is kind of the entire point of being Vice President, and one I'm not surprised he's been overlooking. He has that kind of brain that can't even spell responsibility -- instead of coming up with this obvious fact, he went running to Daddy instead.

Baltar demurs that -- as should be clear from a few minutes ago when Adama was even more grossed out by Gaius than usual -- his Presidency will have zero legitimacy: "I will be the President, all right, but without the military support, I might as well be an anointed dog catcher." Which is a good point, and not one I'd considered. Six teases that he has "resources," if he'd use them, and his blank, crazy stare explains that she's going to have to bottom-line it. We flash back to the original Cylon Detection Scheme, when Gaius was hella fine and Six made him ask Adama for a nuclear device. It's nice when the other shoe finally drops like that. Gaius wigs, and Six is awesome: "I'm trying to help you, you idiot." She maintains that the bomb may be their "only hope" if Adama doesn't get off trying to kill Boomer's baby. Only she calls it "our baby" because: mysterious math. She vanishes, and he's got himself by the tie, and everybody is staring…but not enough to mention to the press that Gaius Baltar is totally off his nut. I would tell somebody, if I saw him do any of the shit he regularly does, you know? Raise an alert of some kind.

Adama has invited Helo to his quarters to have a horrific conversation. Helo's freaked out from word one, as Adama starts in the best possible way: "There's no easy way to say this." Helo just looks away. I have this rule where if you say "we need to talk" or "this isn't going to be easy" or whatever…we don't. We won't be having the conversation; you've just established a certain kind of power over the conversation that isn't necessary. You're starting out with a wall around the whole talk that you built specifically to keep me in line. If we need to talk, if you need to tell me something: say it. Tell me the thing. No matter how freaked I get, it's less freaked than if you prefaced it by basically ordering first: "You will now freak out." Anyway, that bugs me. So Adama is then out with it: "It's about the Cylon. The President has decided that her pregnancy will be terminated." Helo takes a second to digest this info, and then asks why, and is told the blood work thing, which sounds like a lie every time. Helo's sad, and pissed, and asks if it isn't something that can be assumed about an entirely new kind of person. Helo loses it, a little bit, at the end of the question. His jaw is working overtime. Adama explains that, per Roslin, allowing the baby to come to full term would constitute "an unacceptable risk to the Fleet."

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