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Can't Stop The Signal

Helo complains that Sharon's been completely helpful since they returned from Caprica, leading the search for the Tomb, giving them intel…even broadcasting the virus to the Raiders, characterized by Helo as having "turned on her own." Penikett's really good at not yelling -- completely contained, caged and nearly boiling over. It's very real. Adama points out that each of these involved "saving her life" -- it's interesting that these can all be characterized as self-interest even without referring to Helo and the baby -- and then a thing happens that is interesting. Because Adama's face, on the screen, says: "Don't mistake the will the live for genuine conversion, Lieutenant. She's still the enemy." And that's also what the closed-captions would have you believe he says. But the vocal track, what comes out of your TV, Adama says, "Don't mistake the will the live for genuine compassion." I wish I knew how that went down, and how and why it was redubbed, because the difference between the two is the entire point. Helo asks whether Boomer knows about this new horrible violation coming her way, and looks away as Adama replies in the negative. Helo says, and I agree, that he should be the one to tell her. Adama looks up as Helo asks to be dismissed. "Helo. I don't expect you to agree to the decision. But I need you to accept it." And Helo, of course, disagrees: "We're talking about my child, sir. Part of me." It would be at this point that I would remind Adama of the numerous times he has put the totality of humanity at risk for Starbuck's unholy ass, and she's not even his actual kid. But Helo's a class act and that's not how he rolls. "…But I guess it's easier to kill when you call it a Cylon." He hits the last phrase with a palpable disgust. This might be Helo's best performance of a pretty demanding run on the show. Adama dismisses him without an answer, because there's not an answer, and Helo snaps to attention with tears in his eyes, turns, and exits. There's a lot going on with Adama as he watches him go.

In Galactica CIC, Tigh's asking self-evident questions again, and disagreeing with things for the pure reason that it gives the other characters a platform to explain them. We thus learn that Apollo has ordered a stand-down for the Vipers of both the Galactica and Pegasus, until the tampered-with ammunition gets sorted. We also learn that Apollo has been reinstated as CAG, presumably of the Galactica, and that somehow this was Tigh's call. Then -- even though Adama's standing right there -- Tigh calls this a mistake, and Apollo tells him to go to hell. Adama tells them both to chill, and I have to commend Tigh on not immediately looking to Adama for support like usual. Tigh complains that grounding all the Vipers leaves the Fleet "defenseless," and Adama supplies him with the obvious upshot of this, which is that they already were. Adama sends Apollo and Starbuck out to figure out who's sabotaging them.

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