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Can't Stop The Signal

Apollo and Starbuck enter the Galactica ammo shop with about ten Marines, because they've narrowed the field between these two scenes to one skinny brunette machinist named Asha Janik. This whole sabotage storyline wraps itself up so fast that it curls back on itself like a tape measure right before you lose an eye, but I don't mind, because it's just the DNA for the rest of the season, it seems to me. And also because the Roslin part is the heart of it, even if her cancer story is ending and theirs is just beginning, but either way causally, the militants are a good backwards parallel to her flashbacks to the Big One. I'm not a huge mystery detective fan, unless the detectives are figuring stuff out about themselves, so if you want to just chop up the investigation of it all and hit me with the high points and the violence, I'm down. You know I'm more interested in subversive groups than in the CIA anyhow. They approach, and she smiles brightly. "Captain Adama. I have a message for your father." The Marines step forward and she reveals her brimful of crazy. "They may take me! But I am one of many! We have declared war against Galactica's armies of death! The Cylons aren't our true enemy! It's the military that refuses to negotiate! All we want is peace! Demand peace! Demand peace!" Apollo directs the Marines to take her ass to jail, and Starbuck smirks. "So much for being discreet, huh?"

And the story keeps moving! In Adama's quarters, Adama's passing around a bunch of agitprop and pamphlets found in Janik's quarters. "Some kind of a manifesto," he glares at Lee, Gaius, and Tigh. The graphic on all of it is wonderful: a human in flight, or supplication, with a ragged circle around it. Hats off to whoever designed it, it's great. Tigh starts with the ill-advised blustering immediately: "Demand peace from the Cylons? Who the hell are these people?" The what the hell is silent. Gaius says that he had no idea the "Cylon sympathizers" were this organized, and Adama's most worried about the security breach, since because they're idiots he's not willing to spend much time worrying about the hows and whys. Apollo explains that with the hangar deck "short-staffed," they've been using civilians. The whole Liberty Garden deal. Asha was a Picon who worked maintenance on the Greenleaf. Tigh quotes the pamphlet: "Do not be afraid, we are not terrorists, but we will not sit back while Adama's war machine continues to press us into cruel and futile conflict." He is, of course, angered, and gets more and more grossed out about things as Lee and Bill talk about how the news of their actions is spreading through the Fleet. Adama drops the bomb that he's been contacted by a person "claiming to speak for the subversives" who is "demanding a meeting" -- and that he's agreed to the meeting. Tigh wigs, and Adama has to explain that it's not about negotiating, but figuring out who the frack these people think they are.

Roslin continues to die an ugly death. Flashback to the Caprica City Garden, where she's meeting with Stans. (Again? Or was the whole "I'm planning to meet with them" thing a bluff? No, because of the parallel in the last scene. Man, I guess this means Baltar and Caprica Six used to make out non-stop. No wonder he's so intense about missing her.) Stans worries that, "considering the stakes," Roslin seems less than totally engaged. What she actually totally is, though, is gorgeous. Caprica was made for you. She explains that the stakes are movable, and that if Adar has to use troops to enforce the "back to work" order, people will get hurt and even die. "Some causes are worth dying for," says Stans stupidly. She steps closer, smiling sweetly: "Not this one." Her eye is drawn to something on the lawn -- obviously, it's Six and Baltar again, this time way off-balance in the composition -- that I couldn't figure out for an hour. I'm not exaggerating: an hour. Adar? There are several people with attaché cases meeting on the green -- maybe those are the nukes and we're getting a look at more Cylon models. No idea. Stans turns around and looks too, so you'd think there was something to look at, but…oh, there they are. Near the hedge. Gaius's girly hair threw me off. So they seriously, all they did was walk around the park all day, then go home and screw and glow and get blown up? I don't know why that would surprise anyone. Back on Galactica, various sound clips of memory echo over the soundtrack as Roslin calls Cottle to her and stares around, horrified and in pain.

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