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Can't Stop The Signal

Lots and lots of Marines enter Adama's quarters with Royan Jahee, the representative from the terrorists. He dispenses with the gravity that sedition normally incurs, noting somewhat sanguineously that Adama has a "unique way of welcoming visitors" to the Galactica. Tigh is so into this: "Visitor, my ass. We shoot people like you for treason." Jahee explains that he's only an "interested party" (lie) "trying to prevent more bloodshed" (also a lie) and that he "deplores" what happened with the Vipers (total lie). This is not the best way to make me feel sympathetic to your cause, which is one that I pretty much support, but I have a feeling it's going to get worse before it gets better. Moore has mentioned an interest in playing against type for such a progressive show, by setting the "peaceniks" up as antagonists to the military cast. It's interesting, but also plays against the progressive tone of the last few episodes, which were pretty much a brutal operetta about not being mean to Boomer. Just me? Fine, if even I would rather hang out with Cain than these idiots, maybe you've done your job too well. Adama asks how many sympathizers there are in the Fleet, and Jahee gets to the part that interests me most, personally: "If you're trying to crush an organization, you can stop now. The people in this movement are following an idea, not a leader." (Kind of a lie, unfortunately, as least as far as we'll see tonight.) Tigh asks, of course, what "the hell" they want, and Jahee explains again that it's peace with the Cylon.

Tigh smiles cruelly, almost giggling about how lame the dude is, and for a second I'm reminded of "Scattered," where we learned that even Colonel Saul Tigh was once a hottie. He momentarily gets back there. Adama looks the guy up and down: "You want us to surrender? They attacked us." Jahee shows his crazy cards a bit early, in my opinion, proceeding directly to hissing, spitting madness: "Only after we'd enslaved them!" Which is yeah, totally true, and the point…but only from a human perspective. The Cylons left that train of thought behind a long while ago, proceeding to the part where they wipe absolutely all humanity out due to a religious imperative. And I mean, that doesn't seem to be the whole story at this point, but it's an important chapter. Jahee asks another good question: as military men, he wonders whether Tigh and Adama can coherently explain "how our current course of attack and retreat leads to victory." Tigh gets more and more grossed out through this whole scene, because logic is his anti-drug. Adama calls Jahee on his "innocent bystander" lies, and says that either way he's a danger to the Fleet. "Admiral, arresting me isn't going to stop any of this," he protests, and Adama is awesome: "Maybe not. But it's a start. Take him away." I almost hate these people more because I ostensibly agree with them. When I said I was a Cylon sympathizer, I didn't mean that I was a jackass, no matter how many times you tried to tell me otherwise.

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