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Can't Stop The Signal

In the Galactica hangar, Apollo tells Starbuck to get her "rubber gloves on," and the fact that both of them proceed to not do that would seem to suggest that it was meant idiomatically, which means to me that procedural dramas are as virulent in the Fleet as they are here on Earth. Poor guys -- even after the end of the world, they still have to watch boring TV. Adama wants the twins to go through all of Asha's private belongings to see if they can get any Homeland Security info on the movement. Neither Apollo nor Starbuck is itching to do this, because it's stupid yet serves the plot, but they're grateful for the screen time this week. Starbuck floats maybe talking about Apollo's recent suicide attempt, but the Easiest Criminal Investigation In The History Of The Universe changes the subject for him immediately, producing a hand-held computer detailing the movement's next target: the Daru Mozu tylium refinery. My friend Ali and I have a deal about science fiction stuff, which is that I only read, watch, or recommend the good stuff, so she takes me at my word, but the only time weird sci-fi names like this are okay is if Mary Doria Russell is involved -- otherwise it's a deal-breaker. And I feel much the same way, and there are hella weird sci-fi names in this episode. Apollo gets really intense and runs to the phone, ordering up a tactical team.

The next step in this C story investigation knocked out of the way -- if you don't want to write it, take a pass and write the next week's screenplay next time, dudes -- we get back to the B story, the forced abortion. Boomer's crying on her cell phone, now quite pregnant, and Helo's short on answers. "I don't know! The Admiral said they found something in the baby's blood. Somehow, President Roslin considers it a threat to the fleet." Helo hasn't figured out that these two things are virtually unconnected, because he's sweet but he'll never beat Roslin at chess. There is an infinite sadness in Helo's eyes and a total craziness in hers: angry, hurt, disgusted and scared to death. Both Boomer and Helo act the hell out of this scene. Boomer shakes her head. "It can't just be that. I've done nothing but help them since I've come here. I've held back my anger. I've tried to show them that Cylons are not all the same. That we're not all murderers." While this is technically true, Adama has good reason for being iffy about the whole thing. Of course, Helo's too close to it, and he's like, yeah, but mysteriously enough, "I think they're still afraid of you." She starts pacing like a crazed zoo animal in a very bad zoo. "They wanna be afraid of something?" She's started to get hysterical, pacing faster and moving around erratically. "Yeah? Just let them come! Let 'em!" Helo looks so, so sad. "Let them try to take my baby!" She screams wordlessly. "Just let them try to take my baby!" It's hard to describe how well she pulls this scene off, but I dare you to go in the bathroom right now and say these words into the mirror. They're like impossible to say.

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