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There's Beauty In The Breakdown

"Is there something that you want from me?" Ellen asks, and becomes Caprica again. "Is there something that you need?" He's shaken. There are two people on Galactica who could talk him through this, show him forests and cathedrals, take him out of this world and into a better one, and they're the two people he'd never think to ask. So he jerks back, as if from fire, and blurts it out: "Stay back!" Caprica is confused and hurt, put off by his sudden rudeness as only Sixes can be. "...See you tomorrow, Colonel." She backs slowly away from him, ever the gracious host, and he's gone. He'll deny her twice more, before the fire comes.

Nicky's crying, surprisingly enough, as Tory and Saul push through the hatch and into Galen's house, paranoid and shaky about his weird funeral behavior. As if anybody noticed; as if the bereaved don't get a pass. Saul notices the crying, and Galen offhandedly notes Nicky probably needs changing. Without a pause, Saul goes off to take care of it. All though the scene, he murmurs and coos at the boy, until he's happy again. I think fatherhood would have changed Saul's path drastically, I think it would have made him a better man, but I think we already know he'd be a good dad. He's so full of love -- for Bill, for Ellen -- that it cripples him, and that's a good first step. Kara turned out okay.

Tory feels around the grief, tries to figure out how much is guilt; her first question isn't how much it hurts, but how much he blames himself. She knows how much of what she's feeling is guilt. It's her grief for Galen that drives her to ask. "You think Cally killed herself because of you, don't you?" He does, of course: she thought they were having an affair, she went crazy and tried to kill him, and offed herself. Not the first time that story's been told, especially with a love so compromised in the first place. Tory tries to assuage his guilt, and thus his grief, and thus her own: "But we weren't." So if the facts assembled say there is no guilt, if Cally misapprehended the facts and acted on fantasy and madness, then all that's left will be grief. And she can let this go.

"I don't even know what I am anymore. I don't know which of my memories are real. I don't know that I've had one action in my life that isn't programmed." He's the only one who had anything to lose. Sam's with Kara, and Tigh killed his wife long ago, and Tory is dealing just splendidly. The only one the show could take anything away from was Galen, so it did. Tory kneels and begins to spin a web, talking to herself as much as to him. Telling him wishes and willing them true. "Galen, you're perfect. You don't need guilt. We were made to be perfect." Tigh, having dealt with the baby, asks her if this is more of "Baltar's crap," and it's not. Not yet, anyway: This is all Tory's crap we're dealing with, at the moment.

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