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Exodus, Part I

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Here's the thing. In the historical plagues of Battlestar, so far we've had: an exploding bomb courtesy of Duck, a heavy-fire rendezvous courtesy of Ellen Tigh concomitant with a heavy-fire execution courtesy of Jammer, and now we're heading into battle. "To be continued" is kind of beside the point right now. It's a technical two-parter following a de facto two-parter, with the biggest cliffhanger taking place between the two pairs of episodes, so the momentum is good, but because of the Plagues, this means that next episode has to end with a gun to somebody's head. I've seen the show, isn't that how it works? "I'm getting my men," followed by a gun to the head? The thing is, it should be easier than this to narrow down exactly who will have the gun to their head. Will it be Ellen Tigh? Who will be holding the gun? Will it be Gaius Baltar? Who, then, will be holding the gun? Or will it be any of the other thousands of men and women on the ground or in the sky or jumping away into space? And who's holding the gun then? I'm tired! Boom boom boom. See you next week for what I'm guessing is going to be a very exciting episode of this show Battlestar Galactica, in which more people will get shot, degraded, and probably engaging in some awful, horrible, timely behavior. Somebody's uppance is coming, though. That much I know.

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