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Exodus, Part I

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In a tent, Anders tells Sharon to leave her dog tags behind, because they mark her as an atypical Eight. "No. You have no idea how hard I worked for these." He shrugs. "So our best guess puts the launch keys somewhere in the detention center. Just keep to the main streets, everybody'll think you're just a regular skinjob and they'll avoid you. But there's a lot of people out there looking to gut an unwary Cylon going for a stroll, so don't let anybody get close enough to stick a knife in you." She puts on her shoes with a tiny OMG. "All right, thanks for the concern. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside." He asks, excellently, how she plans to find the launch keys, and she launches some exposition in return. "When I get inside and hook into the data stream, it'll feed me the location." He returns the favor by expositing that he's already got pilots standing by for when she gets them. Then some insurgents come in with Ellen, hands bound, screaming and asking for her husband. Anders looks at her like total trash and says to stick her down in the bunker until after the next briefing. Without skipping a beat, Sharon and Anders are like, "Okay, so you got everything?" She heads for the door and asks for a favor: "Just keep an eye out for Starbuck. I don't know if she's alive or if she's dead. But it's been four months." She nods. "I'll do what I can."

Down in the tunnels, Laura is lecturing Anders about how he has to keep Isis/Hera hidden at all costs. He exposits that they're keeping her on the move, along with other high-value targets, and that she'll be in a given location for three days at most. (Which is 71 HOURS AND 59 MINUTES LONGER than it will take Xena to snatch that kid right out from under your nose, of course.) "Sam, I need you to really hear me on this. Really. There is no one -- no one -- of higher value than Maya and her child. We cannot let them fall into Cylon hands." He's like, Gotcha. "How far do you want me to go? I mean, if it looks like the Cylons are gonna capture them... " Also not acceptable. "Don't let it get to that point. That's all." Anders asks if she's going to spill on the secret of the child, and she gets mysterious: "She may very well be the shape of things to come. That's either a blessing or a curse." Roslin takes off, and a gigantic lightbulb goes off over Anders's head so bright that it gives away everybody's location and they all get murdered but the only thing anybody upstairs can say is, "But is Cally safe?"

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