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Exodus, Part II

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Without Crutches

Weird, right? Not as weird as the other train of thought, which is about how, without Ellen in the picture, Bill's absolutely the only thing Saul's got, so Laura better hope for real that this impending (and awesome) hookup with Zarek I feel about 70 percent certain about is real, because you do NOT wanna be the Caprica Six in the middle of that particular fifty-year epic bromance. I'm just saying.

Tory comes to Laura on the Colonial One, prefacing with how they're still double-checking Fleet manifests, but that it would seem Maya didn't make it off New Caprica. And the baby? Tory breaks down, showing heretofore unexplored range and awesomeness. "I was there when the two guards left to take them to their ship," she says, voice breaking. "I don't know what happened. I'm so sorry." She looks at Laura, exhausted, close to breaking. Brittle. "I let you down. And I know that." Tory Foster weeps. Roslin summons a brave smile and shakes her head. "No, you didn't. It's not your fault. This is bigger than us." She looks down at a tattered, dear picture of Maya and Hera. "This is life."

And in Adama's quarters, he very deliberately shaves off his mustache, looks himself in the mirror, and heads out into the corridors of Galactica.


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