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Exodus, Part II

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Anders and his insurgents unearth their weapons from under the Pyramid field in the square and exposit that they're going to hit the detention center and free all the people.

Up in space, Kelly (the current Gaeta, I think) is talking about the "decoy squadron," and then Kat is in space doing that horrifically obnoxious "NOW NOW NOW" stuff some more. Kelly confirms that the drones her squad is dropping match the signatures of a Battlestar, so the Cylons will be reading two Battlestars incoming in the next scene. Which will cause them to freak out.

Up on Colonial One Gaeta is yelling into the phone about evac (for the Cylons? The administration? Not sure, since he can't know about the civilian evacuation in front of them) while Caprica attempts to comfort poor Gaius, who's realizing that his year and a half of bullshit was even less pointy than he even thought last week, since it's all going to hell now: "We'll start over, Gaius. A new city to rise out of the ashes." Gaius isn't buying; he's pretty sure New Caprica will be "buried like the cities of old" and "consumed by the wrath of God" and things of this nature. It's pretty bleak, but also kind of his dream come true, at this point. If it can't be a monument to his heroism and leadership, which, clearly that's a bust, let's just forget it ever existed. Boomer comes in with the fake news about how two Battlestars just jumped into orbit. "Adama's back."

Racetrack and Kat, out in orbit, confirm that two basestars just jumped in and started launching Raiders, so they've done their job with the drones. They head back to Galactica.

Up in Kara's apartment, Leoben's worried about the insurgents and wants to go find out about the deal. I'm confused because none of the other Cylons seems to be aware that Leoben even exists, and he's never at the meetings, and so what help can he possibly be? Kara is not interested in being left and trapped in the apartment during a civil war, but, like: he's not got a whole lot of options, so he tells her to stay put. She responds by jumping on his back and trying to beat him up, and he knocks her out and leaves her on the floor. Kacey is like, "She can't even pee without me knocking myself senseless, but apparently it's cool to leave me with her unconscious body?"

Dirty insurgents and refugees run all over the place and go crazy, and Laura and Tom Zarek are... very close these days. She sends him to the shipyard, where I guess the launch-key ships are, and he's like, "You coming?" She points up at Colonial One and grins a tiny bit. "My ship's up there." She is so awesome. I love that Laura Roslin will take a minute out of her busy citywide riot to go looking for Cylons and Baltars to smack. Zarek admires her flair for drama and grabs a random guy... who turns out to be a very defensive Jammer. Zarek's like, "I don't know about any self-hating SS officer mess, but go with Laura." They wink at each other and give a quick hasta before heading out to their separate evacuation points. I wonder if Laura cleared the whole Colonial One thing with Tory Foster. Tory Foster HATES a flair for drama. Remember the debate? "Cutesy pantyhose bullshit is one thing but we've got press to deal with."

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