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Exodus, Part II

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As Galactica gets ready to actually get involved for real -- Can we talk about Helo's hair? I love it! He looks like a waiter at the best restaurant in the universe -- Three figures out about the drones. Leaving one question, which is Simon's, since he didn't get to talk yet this season: "Where's Galactica?" Baltar stares.

Some dude on New Caprica is like, "They've got us pinned down. We're trapped!" Which is the cue for... Galactica to literally fall out of the literal sky directly towards New Caprica City through the atmosphere. The reason these recaps are so short, not that you're complaining, but the reason is that the actual scripts are super-short. Every time Leoben or Kacey get involved, everything goes into slo-mo. Any time Cally's in trouble, slo-mo. Anytime spaceships do anything, the music goes crazy and there is space porn of explosions that goes on forever. Fabulous to look at, teeny-tiny on paper. It's not slow or lightweight as an experience, it's just a lot weighted toward the visual, which I really like. So if me saying that Galactica is actually falling out of the sky like God's giant fist onto the Raiders and Cylon bullshit spaceships, and shooting Vipers out of itself at a prodigious rate, if that doesn't paint the picture, I don't have a lot of options. It's as big as the sky and getting bigger and there are orange lights and fires all around. I think next week will be talkier, but just as horrible to live through or more. Helo launches all of the Vipers -- Hotdog! Hotdog gets to say some pithy lines about how he's "rolling in hot" or whatever. I missed Hotdog! -- and then Galactica jumps away again. The forgotten chapter in The Art Of War that just says, "BOO!"

On the ground, Chief notices that there are suddenly Vipers everywhere, which means it's really happening, which means it's awesome, and also Galactica just did something beautiful and insane to look at, and now the Vipers are shooting all the buildings, and people are running for their evacuation ships, and everything is exploding, and everybody is running, and everybody is screaming their asses off, because it's awesome and scary.

In the detention center, Anders's guys blow a bunch of locks and cells open and mobilize the prisoners toward the shipyards. Anders finds Kara's apartment. Obviously Kara's apartment was in the detention center, but I didn't put it together, even with the whole "Let me out" scene. Or the myriad other clues, like the screaming torture victims. I don't know. I guess I just thought it was in a shitty part of town. I wasn't thinking. For some reason that makes it even creepier. He finds Kara on the floor, still knocked out, and is very happy and very scared all at once, and also very worried about what she's been up to in there, because he's already imagined even worse things than the very horrible things that have been going on in there.

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