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Exodus, Part II

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Back on Galactica, Helo is firing spaceship words at a fearsome rate, and Kelly lets everybody know that two baseships have jumped in from the nebula. Which apparently they were planning on -- they can use the Galactica to lure them both away, and that'll give the evac ships enough time to get away. Except suddenly there aren't two but four baseships, which the Admiral readily admits is not doable. Sparks are flying all over CIC, like real bad, just shooting directly out of the equipment, and they're getting shoved to and fro, and Edward James Olmos is shouting nonsense, and Helo is like, "We can't maneuver, we're blowing up in these areas, and our jump drives are dead." Adama -- with pieces of his ship literally flying at his head and shooting sparks all over the place -- takes a deep breath and tells everybody it's been an honor.

It is silent in space as Galactica goes down. The baseships take heavy aim at her and she drifts, on fire all over, systems dead. Admiral Adama gets ready to die, the evacuation a failure, humanity's only hope is the Pegasus and her civilian Fleet. New Caprica and the Battlestar Galactica end here.

Except they don't! Pegasus jumps in, all shiny and awesome, and Apollo comms to his father: "Galactica, Pegasus. Let us take some of this work off your hands. Get your FTL up and ready, and we'll take care of the rest." Adama damns his son for breaking protocol and coming back, under his breath, orders Helo to get the FTL back online, and then thanks his son sweetly, and proudly, and under his breath.

In Pegasus CIC, Dualla and Apollo rapidly figure out that the basestars are herding them into the middle of their death voodoo formation. "Steady as she goes," says Apollo. "Take us right into the center." I take back everything I ever said about him. He's a good boy. Dualla notes they won't last long in there; he agrees. He's an Adama.

In the detention center hallway, Kara wakes up and immediately demands that her husband put her down. He's like, "It's cool! It's cool!" She's still a little wild, asking in wonder if it's really him. "Baby, it's really me. But listen, we don't have time. We're going to the ships, and we're gonna get the hell off this frackin' planet." She grins hugely -- she's game for this plan -- but asks what he did with Kacey. (Like, "Awesome that you're here... hey, where'd you stash my daughter while I was passed out?" It's very sad for some reason, because she's like, if all the dreams of four months are coming true, why would anything go wrong? She's imagined this way too many times for it to go wrong.) "Who's Kacey?" Kacey. She's my daughter. "Kara, who's Kacey?" he asks again. "She's my daughter!" Kara shoves him and runs back down the hallway, skipping and jumping past insurgents and prisoners, back toward her cell.

On Colonial One, Simon and Three agree that it's time to evacuate the ship onto Heavy Raiders. "I'll stay behind and set off the nuke," Three offers. I think she just wants to look for Hera. "You should go as well, Caprica," she says, furthering my hypothesis. "And you," she says to Gaius. "I don't think you'll want to be here after we've gone. There's a place for you, too." YES! Gaius on a Cylon ship! Fabulous! He's like, "For real?" She smiles enigmatically and says some more of that creepy machine logic she always says: "Well, you were right and we were wrong. Should be some reward for that." Caprica's like, "Totally!" But Gaius is still feeling the drama of how DEMAND LOVE was always a bad idea in practice, and he sold his ass knowing that. "I just wanna sit here and die," he moans, and even Caprica's a little bored by this, but then Gaeta appears out of nowhere and cocks a gun at Baltar's head. "You're gonna get your wish, Gaius."

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