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Galactica CIC, where Kelly tells us that almost all of the civilian ships have jumped away. (Which makes the nuke plan make even less sense.) The Galactica FTL is back online, but Pegasus has been beat to hell. "I don't think she has a single plane in the air," he says, worried. Adama assures him that Apollo left the Vipers down there to guard the civilian ships: "He knew that was a one-way trip. He'll evac before the end." Helo asks if he's sure, and Adama SCREAMS at him. "Land our birds! Let's get the hell out of here." Helo follows this order with a grin. "All wings, Galactica. Come on home. Combat landings authorized. Repeat, come on home." Everybody gets ready to jump.

On Colonial One, there's an interesting thing happening. Remember last week, how Caprica was so totally polite with Gaeta and he didn't even look at her? And now he's calling Baltar "Gaius"? There are a lot of different kinds of jealousy. So Gaeta's got this severe drama happening with the gun to Gaius's head, and Caprica's trying to talk sense to him, but sense is not what he's interested in talking: "I believed in you. In the dream of New Caprica." Caprica is making calming gestures about how they all did, but Gaeta shakes his head. "No. Not him. He believed in the dream of Gaius Baltar. The good life. Booze, pills, hot and cold running interns. He lead us to the apocalypse, and I turned out to be --" I don't know what he was going to say there. "An idiot," probably. But also, it's a terrible thing to hijack an election, you know? So the "I" word that Gaius is about to say is the right word, but maybe in the wrong context. "An idealist. There's no sin in that."

So, but let's talk for a second about complexity, because it's kind of the same deal as the suicide-bomber stuff: Roslin was wrong to steal the election, but it so happened that Gaeta's actions regarding that huge misstep are the reason we're all here now. Gaius's "dream of New Caprica" was only as the quickest route to an election win. He filled in the blanks after the fact, but he ran with the New Caprica platform because he wanted to screw Laura over. Not authentic, right? But then there's Gaeta, whose idealism checked Roslin's rampant bullshit, which put Gaius in office, which put them on New Caprica, which is why Gina killed herself, which is why the Cylons came, which is why Gaius had no options but to surrender, which is how we all got to where we are right now. And where Kara is, and Ellen and Saul are, right now. When Gaius says "idealist," he thinks he's saying that Gaeta was too much of a pussy to play ball with the Cylons, so it hurt his feelings, but that's not really what he's saying at all: he's saying that Gaeta's assumption that everybody plays by the rules leads in a direct line to this moment. And not only that, but the most subtle accent to Gaeta's character has always been his hero worship of Gaius Baltar. He had the option of staying on Galactica, and chose to separate from military service and go with Gaius to the planet surface. The second that Gaius lost faith in himself -- when he signed the death warrants on the detainees -- is the second that Gaeta realized how bad things really were, and how bad they'd always been. Everybody gets what they want, in the ugliest and most twisted way possible. And it's still happening, and I think what Gaeta was going to say was not "idealist" but something like "I turned out to be the one that did it." Which makes me very sad, and very worried for Gaeta, between that and Chief's creepy choking scenario before, except that A) Jammer is clearly going to die horribly aboard Galactica, and B) at some point somebody's going to realize he was the mole, and probably C) everybody will realize that the Collaborator Witchhunt is a bad idea at that point, but Gaeta will still hold a grudge. That's my guess.

"Everything you say about me is true. Every word." And I'll say this: he finally at least gets that. After all the lies and the collateral damage, Gaius Baltar does understand just how shallow his identity actually is. What's weird is how totally sad that is. "But you have to listen to me. The Cylons have a nuke in this complex. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is getting off this planet alive unless I stop D'Anna." It's not that he doesn't want to be a hero -- he's constantly looking for ways to be a hero -- he's just... really incredibly bad at it. Caprica gasps that Three will kill him, but he's pragmatic: "Then she'll kill me. Or it'll be down to Mr. Gaeta. Either way, the human race dies with me." (This part is iffier, but I think that the show's done its homework connecting Gaius and only Gaius to nuclear power, meaning that he actually might be the only person that can stop her because he's the only one who can take care of the bomb, or something. Whenever there's a bomb, it's Baltar's, back through all the seasons.) Gaius takes Gaeta's gun and shoves it against his chin, and begs for Gaeta to shoot him. Things are tense and more than a little confusing for all three of them, and finally Gaeta shoves him: "You have one chance to put things right. Do you understand me? Get the frack out of here! Stop that nuke! Go!" (Except the Colony has already evacuated, so I don't know what the deal is there either, come to think of it. I guess maybe they wouldn't be able to jump away from it far enough to keep the Fleet from getting blasted? Or this is being told out of order and the Colony hasn't actually left, suddenly? Except Caprica is now dragging him out of Colonial One, and when they reach the ground everybody will have gone, so I have no idea. At the time, actually watching it, these questions don't really detract from the awesome, and you can't expect Gaius to know the state of the evac op at any given time, so maybe he's just being a drama queen, because wouldn't that be weird.)

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