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The Girl On The Pale Horse

"If you don't want to do this, I will." Kara orders him to stand down; calls him "soldier." It's only been seven months since he enlisted, in his grief; those magic words wouldn't work on him. Even if, in those seven months, he hadn't become something else.

Natalie kneels at her side, as Duck's Theme begins to play. "Why, sister?" Because she just couldn't let it go. (One of the retro-previouslies this week had Cavil reminding Boomer: "They started it first.") Natalie knows what she means, takes in the whole story in that moment: "She was the one?" The Six chokes on it; the unholy breach of etiquette: "I never did anything to her. We were working at the water treatment plant and she just..." Natalie sighs. "I know, I remember. After you downloaded, we tried to work through this..."

"How do you work through something like that? Never forget her expression as I tried to scream. Just..." The Six cries, Anders cries. Kara reaches for her gun without taking anguished eyes off the scene. "Just slapped tape over my mouth and threw me in that septic tank..." She died screaming silently, in the darkness of wet human sewage. Sam tells her to shut her mouth: that was long ago. Those cruelties were justified. An immortal enemy requires proportional response. Guerilla warfare must be deterrent, it's the weaker against the strong. Just shut your mouth. We did nothing wrong.

"I still see her face when I try and sleep. We were trying to help these people." Natalie nods. They would have loved them, and taken care of them. They could have shown them the glory of peace. And like God, their infinite mercy would have been matched only by their power, and complete control. Until they turned this Heaven into Hell. "I know. I wish there was something I could do." The Six doesn't look up, into the infinite mercy of Natalie: "Then I'm glad it's you." She lowers her head.

Natalie weeps, and looks upon her sister. Imagine the eyes of something infinitely loving and infinitely merciful, looking at the end of line for someone she loves most. Imagine Saul's face, as he saved Ellen from the Circle. Remember the way his body shook, as she fell asleep, and dreamed the last dream. The love in that last kiss; the impossible yearning in that final goodbye, as he put her to rest to save a greater alliance. Natalie takes the Six's face in her hands and kisses her lips, warmly. The Six sobs as Natalie stands, behind Sam, and puts her fingers over his, upon the trigger. And pulls. And together, the revolutionary and the saint give Six the final death, in the presence of an angel and a turncoat. An Eight standing by is stricken still.

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