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The Girl On The Pale Horse

"... Because He will take our hands and guide us to the other side of the river..."

(After death: the undiscovered country.)

Natalie and Kara enter the Hybrid Chamber, with a fiercely proud Leoben. The confirmation of a theory; the invocation of the angel. A Centurion stands in the corner, uninhibited at last, watching them all at once. He is a servant of God, and the Hybrid; he watches over her unceasingly, caring for the heart and the mind of the Basestar, his only home. He is a servant and a watchdog and a guardian. He is tall, and strong.

"All these things at once and many more ... Not because it wishes harm, but because it likes violent vibrations to change constantly ... Then shall the maidens rejoice at the dance ... Structural integrity of node seven restored repressurizing ... The children of the one reborn shall find their own country ... The intruders swarmed like flame, like the whirlwind ... Hopes soaring to slaughter, all their best against our hulls ..."

The angel beats us all against a holy anvil called war, to fix what was broken. Not because it wishes harm, but just to set the bone. Just to collapse particle and wave, and bring us to the undiscovered country just past the singularity. The Hybrid sees all these things at once, and many more: how the angel works, how the world was broken, how first human and Cylon, and then the disparate models, turned upon themselves. Threw themselves against the engines they'd built with their blood; how the best among us are the first to die along the front.

Kara stares down at her, attempting to make small talk. "I'm here. You wanted me here, so...?"

"... Replace internal control accumulators 4 through 19 ... they'll start going ripe on us pretty soon ..."

The Centurion snaps to, looking at them, at Kara. Ripening, like an apple plucked and bitten.

"... Compartmentalize integrity conflicts with the obligation to provide access..."

Self-explanatory. If you stay in the nation called You and I stay in the nation called Me, the war will never end. But if I don't defend my borders -- if I don't protect my nation's integrity -- then Me will fall apart. Without integrity, any house must fall. So we cannot share, because if I provide you access, I will be tainted. And so will you. You can't go back. Kara stares at her, confused.

"...FTL sync fault uncorrected ... No ceremonies are necessary ..."

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Battlestar Galactica




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