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The Girl On The Pale Horse

Kara crouches down, frustrated. "I don't understand."

"... Centrifugal force reacts to the rotating frame of reference ... The obstinate toy soldier becomes pliant ... The city devours the land, the people devour the city..."

Until the bugs stop jumping, all we are is toys, obstinate tin soldiers, marching ourselves against the enemy's hull. When we become pliant we stop fleeing the center. When we become pliant, we can hear the song:

Leoben kneels beside Kara. "You can't hurry her. You have to absorb her words. Allow them to caress your associative mind. Don't expect the fate of two great races to be delivered easily."

"... Assume the relaxation length of photons in the sample atmosphere is constant ... The intruders swarmed like flame, like the whirlwind ... Hopes soaring to slaughter, all their best against our hulls..."

The memory of war is the first ingredient in its forgiveness. All these things and many more.

(Enterprises of great pitch and moment.)

Helo stalks the CIC, terrified as the clock ticks down. Gaeta lies in his rack, shivering and gone all gray. His leg, not unbroken but temporarily fixed, pulses out pain with every heartbeat.

"...All these things at once and many more ... Not because it wishes harm, but because it likes violent vibrations to change constantly ... Then shall the ..."

Athena notes they're "rigged and ready," and tells Kara it's time to get the Hybrid offline. She asks Kara if she's any closer to deciphering it. It's not Starbuck Kara needs now; it's hard to turn herself inside-out to access the other thing, the soft and dreaming part inside, that speaks this language. No tactics, no survival reflexes: just the song.

"Not a frakkin' thing," Kara says, afraid of losing it again. The vision led her to the next signpost. This meeting here, now. Covered in human and Cylon blood, evoking an angel from the dragon's heart.

"... But you are a spark of God's fire! ... Core update complete..."

Kara gives up. "Frak it, unplug the damn thing. Let's get the frak out of here." I mean to say, in the moment that she gives up, she becomes pliant. It's not yet earned -- there's more Cylon blood before that can happen -- but it's one step closer to the signpost.

"... Threat detection matrix enabled," the Hybrid says, but they don't hear her, or know what she's warning them of. The uninhibited Centurion in the corner, though, he knows: "Dendritic response bypassed ... The received dose is altered by the delayed gamma burst ... Going active. Execute. The children of the one reborn shall find their own country: End of line."

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