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The Girl On The Pale Horse

The Basestar jumps in, appearing above them. It is huge, and beautiful, and alien. Hotdog sings out the contact. "Cylon Baseship. It's right on top of us." Karl holds the count, and Seelix confirms that it's squawking Colonial ID. "I've got a comms signal, but it's really weak." Helo seelixes for speaker transmission, and Athena speaks across the air.

"Demetrius, Athena. Demetrius, Athena." He nearly weeps. "Gods, it's good to hear your voice."

In the Raptor inside the beast, Kara watches Athena, proud. Red Cylon code runs down the Raptor's screens like water. "Copy that, Helo. The Baseship is ours," Athena says, nearly breaking down with relief. "Mission accomplished." And Karl offers to lead them all home.

Roslin knocks at Adama's quarters, and he quickly welcomes her in, offering her water. She explains her experiences, the way she dreamt of water, the pride and strength of Emily's belief; her knowledge that Emily has crossed the river into paradise. He asks if she's saying that she's suddenly into "Baltar's horse manure," and she quirks an almost grin. Wouldn't go that far: "I don't know. Something is happening here, and I don't really understand it, Bill."

Adama thinks aloud. "You both had the same dream, means..." Her back goes straight; she echoes her harsh line from their big fight, reversing it, gone soft and sweet: "What? Talk to me, what's going on?"

Bill grumbles. "Kara comes back from the dead, I let her go off chasing her vision of Earth. Well, she's overdue. Lee turns in his wings. Helo, Athena, Gaeta. Will I ever see those kids again?" She rubs his back, and his shoulder; he relaxes into the touch. "Bill. Look at me. I'm right here. Right here. We're going to find it." Earth? "Together." She smiles. Their cabin is the world.

"I used to think it was such a pipe dream. I used to use it as a carrot for the Fleet." She smiles, proud of him: "What made you change?" And the beautiful smile on his face. If you ever wondered what he felt for her, or how much he let on; if you ever wondered how much bumbling he'd able to do, to throw her off the track of his love, to tamp it down as an Admiral must, well, another wall just fell down. He can't hide it from her anymore. It's too late, and too early, and he's waited far too long.

"You. You made me believe." She smiles back, perfectly touched. She doesn't take her eyes off him, his strength; the glory in his love.

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