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The Girl On The Pale Horse

But they couldn't change what they made her; couldn't ask her to bend herself back around the parts they'd already burnt off. They made her a warrior, and pushed her back into war. She put guns in the Temple and didn't think twice. And in the Second Exodus, she joined the Circle, too angry to forgive and too tired to forget.

Kara hears the sound, again. Finally, she hears it. Sam stares, but Leoben comforts him, loudly enough that everyone can hear: "The unstruck music vibrates in all of us. Few can hear it. Kara's one of the few."

Jean Barolay sits on a Raptor in the middle of dead dragon space, with a turncoat and a saint and an angel and an oracle, looking to build bridges with their hands. But her hands are burnt, and she's the only human left aboard.

Athena, weirded out by Leoben's usual crap, asks Sam for a course, and he begins plotting out at the ECO seat. "Give me the ship," Kara asks her suddenly, and with a look and a shrug, Athena passes her flight control. "...You have any idea where you're going?" No. Yes. The singularity:

Kara sees it, the Basestar, floating sadly against the backdrop of a triple-ringed gas giant, shooting across the canvas like a comet. She laughs, or cries. "The comet! The... It's the ship!" Leoben smiles, proud and calm and waiting for the music, and she turns to him, excited. "This is what I was meant to see!" He nods, and she laughs so joyfully.

That's when the first piece of wreckage hits. In mutiny we turn our guns upon ourselves. Everyone that comes after war makes their ginger way through what's left behind. Like Uwano and Onoda, like the unlucky victims of the Guardians, like you and me and the children of the Exodus. Have you ever seen Babylon 5? This is what it comes down to: not war, but everything after. The echoes and the ripples and the unspent mine fields of war.

If it echoes, if it ripples, if you're caught in it, you might never know that the war's already ended, that you're in the wreckage of somebody else's mistake. But you still have to clean it up: "From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, which perished between the altar and the temple: verily I say unto you, it shall be required of this generation."

The shining waters of the Styx become the light on Kara's face; she awakes from lacuna in the arms of the enemy. Sam and Leoben tend to her wounds, the bleeding scratch on her head, as she slowly comes to. Everybody lived. She reaches for the wound -- she's Kara Thrace -- and Sam pulls her hands away. Together, Sam and Leoben take her out of the wrecked Raptor, out into the belly of the dragon.

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