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Natalie's got her eye on the clock: "We have their Raptor and their jump drive. We don't need them." Barolay steps forward, hand to her gun: "Frakkin' toaster!" Kara tells her to stand down, gives Natalie a stinkeye for saying stupid shit, and informs her that there isn't time to figure out the Raptor's jump systems before Cavil comes back.

"And if we do figure it out in time, do we just keep running? How long before we run out of fuel, food, and ammunition? How long before Cavil's forces hunt us down?" ("Man, wouldn't that suck if we were decimated, and thousands of us truly died, never to return, and then we had to go on the run, 33 minutes at a time, with dwindling fuel and food, waiting to be hunted down and massacred? Wouldn't that be a bitch?") "Like it or not, we have to work with the Colonials. That means Kara sees the Hybrid." Starbuck offers the alternative -- that Natalie bend over and kiss her cute ass goodbye -- but Natalie's more interested in taking it one task at a time, as Sixes must.

Athena reads the datastream in the Basestar CIC, confirms that they can do it. This part's important: "Okay, we can do this. We can give their ship jump capability again by slaving its drives to our Raptor's spin sync generator. Their Hybrid was damaged in the attack, so we're gonna have to pull her offline and execute jumps from the Raptor." Natalie is, of course, appalled, and starts bitching about Hybrid abuse, but back up with me a second. The Raptor will become basically a jump drive, in and of itself, and sync itself to the Basestar's jump capabilities. Which are intimately connected to the Hybrid, as we saw once a long time ago, emphasis on "intimately." But on the larger field, we're talking about Colonial technology and Cylon technology, truly meshing, for the first time, and using the energy from that connection to power a miracle. A miracle of synchronization; a new and joyful dance.

"Pull the Hybrid offline? Absolutely not. It's never been done on an operational ship. It would be like blinding her. It might even kill her." Kara reminds her again to stow it, citing Cavil again, and Natalie assents. Athena pulls Jean Barolay to open up and strip the jump cables, and she runs off to start. There's a platinum Six standing nearby, who jolts when she sees Jean's face; this Six is sent by Athena for data cabling for the Cylon side of the sync. Anders stands, unnoticed, with the waters of the datastream reflecting on his face, reaching out toward the waters, wondering if he also swims in the stream. What would happen, if he touched it? Where would he go? "We started the interface. Take me to this 'Hybrid.'" Kara calls Sam for backup, but he offers to stay behind: he knows more about the Raptor side of the sync. He stares back down at the stream, and Kara goes with Leoben and Natalie, to meet the Hybrid.

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