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The Starcrossed

A shackled Leoben is escorted into the corridor by the soldiers to face the Prez. Okay, slightly clumsy, since I can't think why this is easier than having Roslin go into the box, but it's a minor thing. Starbuck stands in the background, among more soldiers, as the Prez steps forward to face Leoben. She confirms that he knows who she is, and then says, "I apologize for what you've been through." He nods slightly in acknowledgment. The Prez orders the soldiers to remove Leoben's restraints. They hesitate a moment, and the Prez snaps, "Do it." The soldiers, no fools, start removing the cuffs. Starbuck edges forward, ready to conk Leoben with her walking stick if need be. Leoben politely thanks the Prez. The Prez says that she can order his release, too. She explains that there are only four minutes until the nuke goes off. Boy, they love last-minute saves on this show. The Prez steps right up to Leoben and says, "I've come here to tell you that this conflict between our peoples does not have to continue." She says that he can trust her, and that if he tells her what she wants to know, he'll live. Leoben eyes the Prez briefly and then tells her that there is no nuke. Starbuck makes a face, and Leoben adds, "The lieutenant was right. I was too far out. I didn't wanna die, so when I got caught, I made up a story to buy some time." The Prez says, "I see," very calmly. She's so cute. She thanks Leoben for being honest. And then the ship explodes! No, but that would have been funny. Starbuck eases out of the corridor into the box -- I assume she's gone to call Adama and let him know that nothing's about to explode. As she exits, Leoben politely says, "Thank you, Madam President." He asks her to go easy on Starbuck and explains, "The military -- they teach you to dehumanize people." Heh. The Prez almost recoils at that, and looking like she's swallowing something foul, says she'll bear that in mind. Then Leoben suddenly lunges forward and gives her a great big hug to celebrate how much they've all learned from this experience. Oh, or maybe he's just grabbing her in a scary way. The soldiers freak out, not surprisingly, and every gun in the place is aimed at Leoben. The Prez shouts, "No," and tells them to stand down. Leoben clasps her tightly and very quietly says, "Laura, I have something to tell you." He turns his head so he can whisper into her ear: "Adama is a Cylon." Leoben's a funny guy. I like that about him. He puts the Prez down, and she stumbles back as the soldiers grab his arms. The Prez flops her arms a bit and looks dazed, and then she and Leoben share a long look. Not a particularly nice one.

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