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The Starcrossed

Adama's quarters. The Prez is having dinner with Adama. He tells the Prez that she took a big risk. It is left up to you to decide which risk in particular she's talking about. The Prez replies that she had to do it. Adama asks why, and the Prez non-answers, "President Adar once said that the interesting thing about being a president is that you don't have to explain yourself to anyone." Adama chuckles and sips his water. The Prez looks down and makes a little "mm" noise. Adama asks if anything's wrong. The Prez smiles, "No. Nothing at all." Adama looks at her.

Next time: Tigh!

Production card: Disco lights start up and Moore sings, "I've got an idea..." Then Eick angrily tears part of Moore's shirt off and Moore looks horrified. I really feel like I should understand that one, but I do not.

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