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Flight deck. Starbuck chats with Adama as they stand in the loving embrace of the Cylon Raider's wings. I just realized, the shape of the Raider's cockpit kinda reminds me of an alien. Er, an alien from Alien, I mean. Starbuck asks Adama whether he really thinks she'll get any information from the Cylon. Adama says no, not really, and asks how things are coming along with the Raider. Hey! He's totally changing the subject! I was kind of put off by the idea of Starbuck being some kind of interrogating whiz, but the conversation with the Prez does help: Adama thinks this is a waste of time anyway, so I think he's more concerned with finding someone who won't be as susceptable to Leoben's mind games. Anyway, Starbuck says they've figured out most of the basic operations and are "zeroing in on her FTL drive." Adama hands Starbuck an "after-action report" on Leoben. He does slip into using "he" instead of "it" to refer to Leoben here, but oh well. Adama says that Leoben is dangerous because "he mixes lies with truth." Man, that sounds familiar. Adama cautions her, "He's gonna try to get into your head." Starbuck chuckles, "Aw, mom always said there was nothing in there anyway." Adama says that Leoben has a goal, and that Starbuck has to keep him from achieving it, whatever it is. Starbuck takes Adama's report and looks at the photo of Leoben.

Credits, finally. That was a super-long teaser. I'll take this opportunity to introduce you to Special Correspondent Mugga. He's filling in for Johanna, who is pouting because people think she's imaginary. Mugga's British, which means he'll provide these recaps with some credibility and class. Just like Simon Cowell does on American Idol.

Flight deck. Boomer's paying a visit to the Raider, humming as she strokes its wings. She suddenly stops as she notices Tyrol approaching. Tyrol greets her casually, and Boomer ask if her advice was any help. Tryol admits that it was: "Treat this thing more like an animal than a machine, and it" He asks how she got the idea. Boomer wheels to face him and declares, "I'm a Cylon." Tyrol is unamused, but he also doesn't believe her. Or he's pretending not to. She asks, "If I could prove that I wasn't, would that make a difference? You know, between us?" Tyrol stares at her mildly without answering. Boomer huffs away.

Spaceships! Er, I mean, "Starbuck hops onto a Raptor and flies to the Geminon Traveler." But the point of this scene is: Spaceships! Shiny! I wonder if they ever feel bad about spending money on CGI just for establishing shots.

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