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The Starcrossed

Leoben is in the cell they've improvised for him, slumped down with his head pressed against the metal table. Starbuck and the Traveler's Captain stare at him through a window. No, I don't know why the storerooms, or whatever they are, are lined with windows. The Captain asks if Leoben's full of wires. Starbuck says, "Nah, you cut 'em open there's blood, guts, the whole thing." She points out that Leoben's sweating. The Captain is all amazed, and says, "Gods, they go through a lot of trouble to imitate people. Why do you think they do that?" Gee, so people don't know they're Cylons, maybe? What a peculiar question.

Starbuck enters the room, which we'll call "the box," because this is the police procedural episode. She slams her folder of papers down onto the table, and then sits down and asks the unmoving Leoben if he's sleeping. Leoben lifts his head and calmly says, "Praying." Starbuck doubts that the gods listen to toasters. Leoben smiles, "God answers everyone's prayers." Frequently the answer is "No," of course. Starbuck, all business, asks how many Cylons are in the fleet. Leoben says, "We haven't been properly introduced." He jerks his hands out from under the table, so that we can see his hands are cuffed and chained. He holds his hand out to shake and says, "I'm Leoben." Starbuck says, "I'm Umaoprah." No, that was me. She just repeats her question. We go through a few cycles of Starbuck asking Leoben questions while he keeps asking her name. Eventually, she asks why Leoben was hiding on the Traveler. He matter-of-factly says, "I had a mission to perform," and asks again for her name. Starbuck says, "Tell me about your mission and I'll think about it." Leoben says that his mission was to perform sabotage. When Starbuck asks for more detail, he suddenly complains that the room's a little stale, and that Starbuck stinks. Heh. Starbuck gets a little irritable as she tells Leoben that if he doesn't start talking, they're done. Leoben asks her name again, and Starbuck gets up and heads for the door. Just as she's leaving, Leoben asks, "Are you Lieutenant Starbuck?" Starbuck freezes, and Leoben starts giggling, " I was right. I saw it, I've seen it..." Starbuck turns wearily and asks if he's happy. Leoben insists that they can talk about stuff now. To prove it, he says, "I put a nuclear warhead aboard one of your ships. It's set to go off at 18:30 hours." He won't tell her where, "yet," and Starbuck sniffs that he's lying. Leoben says she can't take that chance: "Your military training dictates you take to your masters and let them decide." Starbuck heads for the door as she claims that she might not be that well trained: "Maybe I push you out the airlock and tell 'em you never said a word." As she walks out and down the corridor, Leoben chuckles that she's the one who's lying: "We have a lot to talk about! It's gonna be fun!"

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