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Commercials. Mugga says, "Why interview Leoben in a nice big well-lit room? How about something that generates a bit of tension and pushes atmosphere and close-ups? Felt less like he was gouging into Starbuck's soul and more like a bitchy job interview." I can see where they don't want to change their visual style from episode to episode, but I do wish they'd changed the lighting a little for this stuff.

Adama opens one of those filing cabinets for corpses. Yeah, but you knew exactly what I meant, right? He pulls the sheet aside to reveal Leoben's body. The Leoben from the mini-series, that is. It's the Boomer problem all over again. Should I start numbering all the duplicates? But then I'll have to keep track, and plus, what do I do with the Sixes? Anyway, Adama looks at the body and then picks up a phone and calls Tigh. Tigh reports that, with two hours left, nobody's found the nuke. Adama stares at Leoben briefly, and then orders the fleet to spread out, so that if one of the ships goes boom, it won't take out its neighbors. Then Adama holds the phone receiver like he's thinking about clubbing Leoben's body with it for a while. He finally leans in and says, "No," to Leoben. I think Adama might need a nap. But you know what would be funny? If all this time, Adama's had a chatty little Leoben in his head.

The box. Leoben's on his knees, supported by two of the soldiers. Starbuck sits in a chair facing him as two more soldiers enter and set a tall bucket of water down in front of Leoben. Starbuck smirks, and says, "Do it." The soldiers dunk Leoben's head into the bucket and hold him down. He blows some bubbles and struggles a little. The soldiers seem ready to pull him up, but Starbuck has them wait a little longer. She finally lifts her hand upwards, and they haul Leoben out. Starbuck says that Leoben will drown in the bucket if he won't tell her where the nuke is. Leoben gasps, "I can't drown; I can't die." Starbuck reminds us that the Cylons transfer their consciousness to a new body when the current one dies. But she guesses that, if Leoben were sure about that, he wouldn't have talked at all. She flicks one finger down, and Leoben goes back into the bucket. When he's yanked out again, Leoben sputteringly insists that this isn't Starbuck's destiny. Starbuck grumps, "Don't interrupt me." She figures that the fleet is a long way from home, and that Leoben isn't sure that his consciousness will make it back: "What if, when you die here, you really die? It's your chance to find out if you're really God or just a bunch of circuits with a bad haircut." Leoben insists that he's not scared of dying, but he looks a little worried. Starbuck chuckles that, deep down, Leoben is thinking, "I don't have a soul; I have software. If I die, I'm gone."

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