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The Starcrossed

The Prez is in her bedroom, staring into a mirror. She reaches over for a hairbrush, and when she looks up, Leoben is behind her in the mirror. He says, "I have something to tell you." And then, of course, she wakes up.

The Prez dramatically marches up to Billy and asks, "How long till this supposed bomb goes off?" Billy turns to check a clock and says, "Less than an hour." The Prez says that she wants to go to the Geminon Traveler and see the Cylon. Billy starts to argue, but the Prez isn't having any, so he calmly says he'll get her a security detail.

"Splish splash," says Leoben. "Glug," he adds. Starbuck paces around in the box and finally snaps, "For frack's sake, let him breathe." Leoben is flopped onto the floor. We also get to see that his hands are now fastened behind his back, and linked to his leg-irons with what looks like a heavy steel cable. After a minute,the soldiers pick Leoben up and set him in a chair, where he gurgles and coughs. Starbuck nods to the soldiers, who move away. How do they distinguish all the orders her nods convey? It's like magic. Starbuck tells Leoben, "You're not a person, you're a machine that's enjoying its own pain." Leoben replies, "All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again." Starbuck tells him that he's not entitled to quote scripture. Hmm. Leoben says that her destiny is already written, and that they all have roles to play: "Maybe last time, I was the interrogator and you were the prisoner. The players change, the story remains the same." Starbuck stares down at Leoben sadly as he says, "This time your role is to deliver my soul unto God. Do it for me. It's your destiny, and mine." He says that he's finally ready to share his surprise: "You're gonna find Kobol, birthplace of us all. Kobol will lead you to Earth. This is my gift to you, Kara." Starbuck looks almost hypnotized as we hear the door open, and the Prez barks, "What the hell is going on here?"

Commercials. The thing I particularly like about this episode is that nobody ever gets into a debate whether or not it's ethical to torture Leoben. Based on her reaction, the Prez feels that it isn't, but she never starts lecturing people about why so that we learn an important lesson.

When we return, the Prez has stepped out into the corridor with Starbuck to repeat her question. Starbuck rather numbly says, "It's a machine, sir. There's no limit to the tactics I can use." See, this is where I was scared we were going to get lectured, but instead the Prez sternly points out that, after torturing Leoben for eight hours, Starbuck hasn't actually learned anything. Eep. I think an angry Prez is almost scarier than an angry Adama, because normally she looks so sympathetic. Starbuck tries to save face by mentioning Leoben's prognostications. The Prez gives that the look it deserves, and orders, "Clean him up. There's not much time."

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