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Tyrol's trying to get the new ship's wing on, cursing it. And, like, does he work? Because everybody else is working right now, and he's doing his hobby. Is this poor management on his part, or his day off, or what? If you work in the Fleet, I don't think you should get a day off. You could use the siesta system popular in Central and South America, maybe, but not a day off. Figurski watches Tyrol go nuts and then approaches, in his grizzled constabulary fashion, to help, but Chief tells him he's got it. Figurski argues and helps, as Jammer and Cally watch. As the lights flicker -- important! -- Jammer comes to help. Up above on the second level, Adama watches the pit crew working together. Somewhere behind that flinty old face, a hamster starts running on a wheel, first slowly and then faster.

Walking toward CIC, Dualla reports about the continuing power spikes and equipment failures all over the place. Tigh gets all "up our alert status" and "put our damage-control teams on standby," like he invented the concepts. I mean, I'm not tossing shade his way indiscriminately; he's right. But, like, Hotdog could have figured that out. Adama agrees, but not yet. He asks Tigh if he's seen the Chief's ship, which Tigh calls the "imaginary fighter." They get into a fight about how it doesn't really matter if it ends up flying, but explaining hope and esprit de corps to Tigh is like telling a baby all about Roth IRAs. Tigh does give a necessary viewpoint in this scene, pointing out that humanity's survival kind of depends on a certain amount of focus here, and suggests that they shut down this "pipe dream." Adama recognizes the wisdom of this, but defers it a while: "...This project, it's giving them something. I'm not going to take that away. Until I have to." Because that's his big thing: doing whatever he can to keep people's belief in the future alive. Even when it means telling them HUGE WHOPPING LIES and giving long-ass speeches that make no sense that he makes up AS HE GOES ALONG.

In the exercise room, Dualla is explaining yet again that Dr. Cottle has cleared her of any long-term effects from her total lack of injuries sustained. She feels like hitting something, she explains to Lee -- who is packing some guns, as if nobody's noticed by now. They engage in the dance we've known as long as time, which is called in the present-day "But I've Never Played Pool Before; Could You Give Me Some Pointers?" Then they throw each other around and grunt and are half-naked and it is totally excellent. Lee's got this whole thing about being very damn sexy with his pseudo-sisters and nobody else. He comes at her with a plastic "knife" that looks like a vamp stake, and they throw each other around and she lands him solidly on his back, strips his knife, and then Lee gets all assertive for once, knocking her arms out from under her so that she falls on top of him. They consider each other for a sec and it is awesome. Then there's a knock-knock and Billy's at the door (Billy! Hi Billy!) and he's like, "Um, hi." And Dualla runs off to him and it's no harm, no foul. Yet. Poor Billy doesn't know that his beautiful green-eyed Anastasia Dualla is the Summer Roberts of this show and is totally going to take over and be central to the plot in about five minutes, which means hooking her up with Lee for real. Don't tell him. I hate when he gets sad.

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