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Back from commercial, we open on...Lots of Raiders, again. Now that we know for sure about them, beyond the general creepiness, the fact it's been happening all through the episode ratchets up the tension significantly.

Adama busts into Boomer's cell. Sharon once more tries to act like she and Adama are both people, addressing him politely only to be cut off with a "Whatever it is you have to say, make it quick."

With the whole crew standing around and working, Apollo mentions to Starbuck that the cockpit on the new fighter is too far back, which will lead to "CG problems when you maneuver." I think he's trying to be supportive, but it's got a certain Lee Adama spin on it. Even Apollo can't bring them down, though; Kara's like, "We're not going for maneuverability, Captain, we're going for speed." Apollo begins an indelicate metaphor regarding the fighter's having its "cockpit rammed up its [redacted]," but (poorly) executes a spit-take trail-off when Dualla comes sliding out from its underside, where she's been rewiring the comms system. She exhibits the same grace and amusement she employed so skillfully back at the beginning with Billy, and Lee goes all crosseyed.

Figurski ten huts Tigh into the bay, as the lights flicker badly and Hotdog stares slack-jawed at nothing while pretending to work. Tigh bitches pointlessly at nobody and, despite Starbuck's best efforts to send him off the wrong way, goes to find Tyrol.

Finding him in the Tool Room, Tigh harasses Tyrol: "What's that?" Chief's hooking up a still, lying that it's for solvent: "To clean machine parts." Tigh gets a good line in: "Solvent my ass. I know a still when I smell it." He does not add, "Sometimes I think it's me, for a second, or my harridan of a wife, but I do know a still when I smell it." Tyrol admits that he's making booze, but says it's for barter. He needs parts for the new fighter, but all his scrounging won't get him engines (the new fighter has two), and he doesn't want to ask Adama for permission to get them from the wrecks. Tigh gives Tyrol some shit about how it's never going to fly anyway, but Tyrol -- even dirtier and less shaven and more pathetic than before -- simply says he's at least got to try. "What's the point?" asks Tigh (3). Even though Adama already told him, Tyrol makes it personal, saying in a very compelling (and hug-inviting) manner that it's all he's got left. Like in the entire universe. Tigh, knowing a thing or two about desperation, reassesses, and tells Tyrol that he's just remembered something: "I promised the XO of the Baah Pakal I'd help him out...He's got some obsolete DDG-62 engines taking up space on his flight deck. They're probably crap, but I told him that I would have a crew in there to haul 'em out as soon as possible." First of all, that was, while unnervingly cool, totally in character. He always backs down if you show him feelings, because feelings are his Kryptonite. And secondly, I wonder what all the other XOs think about old Tigh. I really do. But mostly, that was really cool. Tyrol softens: "Glad to be of help, sir." Tigh makes stern faces and gets out a clipped "Good" before stealing a bottle of the moonshine and leaving the Tool Room. Where normally he belongs, but not today.

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