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Adama notifies Roslin that the shuttle back to her ship is ready, and she thanks him again for letting her use his quarters while aboard. Which is a dubious sign of respect indeed, considering what a pigsty his quarters usually are. She thinks a second, and then pulls out the book he gave her a long time ago. He protests that it was a gift, and she rehashes his whole "never lend a book" philosophy, to which I also subscribe, but lamely concludes, "I've had it far too long. It belongs in your collection." It's complicated, because they so recently reached détente, on Caprica, and this is coming across as a sign of disrespect or something, when in fact she's going to be dead soon and might not see him again. He makes a sad face, but I don't know for which reason: he's intuitive enough to have figured it out, which means that by not bringing it up, he's being more respectful toward her than he ever has. On the other hand, maybe he thinks that with her going back to her official territory, they can't be friends any more, and she's giving him a gentleman's sign that we're going to revert to their guarded Season 1 relationship. Whatever it is, I hate it, because I don't want Roslin to die. Due to Adama's weird pause after she did her whole book-returning thing, she says lightly, "I'm late for a Quorum meeting. Is there a problem?" And yeah, there is, and Adama lays it out neatly: "Our computers have been infected by a Cylon virus, corrupting systems throughout the entire ship. I've just been notified that this is a prelude to an all-out attack by the Cylons." Roslin sits her presidential ass right down and, after ascertaining that Gaeta and (urgh) Gaius are on the case, admits that she can't really be of aid at this point, beyond giving Adama her moral support. She says it in a subtly funny way, but it also reestablishes their relationship after the faux faux pas with the book. He tells her that he's actually looking for her advice. Which is a nice blow out of the scene, but also erases the last of the tension between them, which means she's going to be dead so fast.

At CIC, listen to Tigh: "You want to what?" (4) Gaeta wants to erase the drives and restart the ship using backups from before everything went to hell. Tigh points out that this will leave them defenseless until the system comes back up, and then immediately retreats to Adama's authority just in case someone questions him: "The Commander will never go for this." Luckily, Gaeta and Gaius have already talked to Adama about it, and he's considering it. I love this combination -- when it takes place outside the restroom and isn't totally creepy, of course. They're both so prickly and smart and passive and focused and kinda prissy, and it's so, so nice to see. Especially if their joint project involves busting Tigh's nuts. Tigh snaps at Gaius, again with the spurious power-by-proxy, about how "the Commander told you to stay out of this," which we didn't see, and I don't know why he would do that, but I'm sure Gaius was being irritating as usual and Adama just couldn't handle it. Gaius: "I'm sorry, do you want to survive this one or not, Colonel?" It's wonderfully played, this; a vastly more catty companion to Gaeta's insubordination earlier in the episode. This time -- and I can't help wondering if it's because Adama's all the way over in his quarters -- Tigh lets it go, advising that the Fleet jump immediately before this happens, to buy them time. Sounds reasonable, but Gaeta points out that Galactica is becoming increasingly hostile as the virus takes over, and that they might end up jumping into a sun. Gaius and Gaeta -- knowing that you sometimes have to lead Tigh by the hand, trade lines like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, reminding him about the signal they're also transmitting, which puts them up against two separate deadlines that both point right to: GAME OVER.

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