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Adama explains to Roslin about his visit to Boomer, leaving out how totally rude he was to her, and says she's offered a possible solution. Roslin puts her finger on it: "And you're wondering if you can trust her." He admits that he came close to strangling Boomer yet again while he was in there, and Roslin nods grimly. You know she's thinking, "I haven't thrown anyone's ass out an airlock in weeks." Adama angsts about how he's even thinking about doing something so nuts as to agree to use the help this woman has offered. And yeah, it's a lot more iffy if you don't buy that she's not transmitting to the Boomerplex, but I do, which means she's in the same danger as the whole Fleet, not to mention that damned toaster baby. "We both know the Cylons are experts at manipulation. They will do anything to confuse you," says Roslin, with a lot of her signature pregnant pauses. She's such a joy to watch. She makes me want to be an actor. Adama protests, somewhat obliquely, that this Boomer is not the one who shot him, which is kind of tangential to what she just said, but it gives Roslin the opportunity to give a particularly airlock-esque speech: "Can they really be that different from one another? Commander, if you're asking me if it's possible that your judgment's been clouded by your history with this particular Cylon model, well, I'd have to say yes. But..." There's a long pause again, and Roslin allows as how "We created them. There's always a chance we might find common ground." Besides how she's going to die, forever, just like you all, unless you fix this?

Boomer is led through the ship with about a thousand guards. Everybody in the corridors makes all kinds of mean faces, like at the end of Cruel Intentions, and the lights are going crazy. I keep my eyes peeled for Cally, because that would just be weird if she shot another one. Sharon's on a leash at the end of a pole, and she's handcuffed, and it's demeaning. In CIC, everybody stares at her all mean. Nobody moves. Nobody breathes. "We need to work quickly. We're on borrowed time," Sharon says. Adama looks at Tigh and Gaius, and Tigh shakes his head. Since his opinion is the opposite of a good idea, usually, Adama immediately orders her released. Like she's a worthwhile person with a mind and soul and feelings, Sharon turns to Dualla. "Dee, do you still carry your father's pocket knife?" Dee immediately looks at Adama, because that's weird in context, but also sad in how much it implies about their past personal relationship. Adama orders her to hand over the knife, and Dualla makes the perfect, perfect face as she does so -- this inscrutable mix of sad, weirded-out, pissed, and a heaping helping of OMG. Boomer asks Gaeta for a fiber-optic com link, and does not specify that it should be as small in diameter as possible. She explains she also needs all-frequency broadcast capability and a direct link to the ship's mainframe. Again, Adama assents. Gaeta gives the exact right response as well, handing her the link cable with a "Right here, Sharon." She's thankful for that. So am I. It might be the loveliest moment in the episode, for me. His grace here -- it says so much about the kind of man he really is.

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